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Texas Rig Insurance News: Official HOS Updates

After multiple proposed changes and alterations, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FCMSA) announced the final Hours of Service (HOS) rules in March 2020. The team at J.E.B. Insurance Services L.L.C. is thrilled to bring you these updates, which affect big rig drivers in Texas and every other state.  Key HOS Updates: Affecting Rig Drivers in Texas and All States Immediately We’re happy to announce the new HOS regulations […]

Georgia Rig Insurance News: TA Reopens GA Dining Rooms

At J.E.B. Insurance Services LLC, we serve big rig drivers and fleet managers in Georgia. We hear from Georgia drivers every day about your struggles on the road. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve heard a lot about your struggle to find decent food! The good news is that as of May 7, 2020, TravelCenters of America (TA) is reopening dining rooms in several states, including Georgia. Yes, you […]

Iowa Fleet Truck Insurance News: Demand Peaks in IA

As many Americans continue to hunker down amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for freight service in Iowa has grown exponentially. While this is excellent news for fleet managers and drivers, it means that end-users are experiencing extra-long wait times for delivery. This leads to customer service struggles for shippers and manufacturers, and Iowa fleet managers may be caught in the middle. Iowa Fleet and Freight Demands […]

Georgia Rig Insurance News: DOT Allows Food Trucks at Rest Areas

J.E.B. Insurance Services L.L.C. is proud to be your resource for Georgia’s big rig insurance. Our goal with these blogs is to provide Georgia’s CDL drivers and fleet managers with the resources they need, especially during times of crisis.  We’re thrilled to let Georgia drivers know that the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) is temporarily changing the rules and allowing commercial food sales at interstate highway rest areas around […]

Texas Rig Insurance News: FMCSA Expands Hours of Service

Our nation relies on rigs to be running in Texas, and all states, during our current health crisis in the U.S.  To that end, on March 14 and again March 18, 2020 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FCMSA) expanded current hours of service (HOS) rules for drivers during this time of crisis. This national emergency declaration is meant to provide relief to CDL drivers transporting emergency supplies, medical […]

Florida Big Rig Insurance News: Coronavirus Risk May Lead to Better Pay… Eventually

Businesses across the nation are urging employees to work from home whenever possible, to help reduce the spread of COVD-19.  Social interactions are being limited, and non-essential travel is being canceled. CDL drivers can’t work from home, and commercial big rig drivers in all states, particularly Florida, may face an increased health risk in the form of contact with cargo. At J.E.B. Insurance, we work with big rig […]

Tennessee Rig Insurance News: Recent Bridge Strikes Bring Attention to TN Drivers

Recent incidents of bridge strikes in Tennessee, like the January 7, 2020 event at I-24 / Moore Rd in Chattanooga, have caused increased attention towards TN area big rig drivers, flatbed drivers, and equipment movers as they move around the state.  As the second serious bridge strike in less than ten months, Tennessee highway patrol and the TN Department of Transportation are taking a close interest […]

Tennessee Rig Insurance News: TN Trucking Company Closes it’s Doors

J.E.B. Insurance provides rig insurance, fleet insurance and cargo insurance in Tennessee. We work closely with fleet managers, trucking companies and owner-operators. Our blog is a tool for our customers and other folks who need to be in-the-know about TN rig insurance topics. When we read that Tennessee-based refrigerated transport company closed it’s doors in January 2020, having been in business for nearly seventy years, we were shocked and wanted […]

Illinois Big Rig Insurance: IL Hazmat Spill on Nation’s Busiest Travel Day

Illinois Big Rig Insurance: IL Hazmat Spill on Nation’s Busiest Travel Day, December 26, 2019 As reported by Patch.com, the fire department and local hazmat team were called to a hazmat spill on Interstate 80 in Illinois, shutting down traffic for several hours during the busiest travel day of the year, December 26. Per patch.com “During [a] lane change, the driver told police the trailer […]

Georgia Trucker Insurance News: Driver Goes to Prison for Dumping Diesel

Georgia Trucker Insurance News: Driver Goes to Federal Prison for Dumping Diesel in Creek On December 16, 2019, CDL Life Magazine reported that per Georgia state authorities, a truck driver pled guilty to illegally dumping thousands of gallons of diesel fuel into a creek, and was sentenced to serve 18 months in federal prison. From an insurance perspective, this sort of activity is harmful all around! From the […]

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