Tennessee Rig Insurance News: Recent Bridge Strikes Bring Attention to TN Drivers

Recent incidents of bridge strikes in Tennessee, like the January 7, 2020 event at I-24 / Moore Rd in Chattanooga, have caused increased attention towards TN area big rig drivers, flatbed drivers, and equipment movers as they move around the state. 

As the second serious bridge strike in less than ten months, Tennessee highway patrol and the TN Department of Transportation are taking a close interest in how freight is loaded, particularly heavy equipment loads.

  • The January 7 situation caused rush hour traffic to halt after a truck carrying an oversized load hit the Moore Road bridge that crosses over the interstate. 
  • Overnight repairs kept traffic slowed from roughly 2:40 pm through the following morning. 
  • Falling bridge debris struck a Toyota Camry that was behind the rig. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

Tennessee Bridge Height Requirement Reminders From the Staff at JEB Insurance

At J.E.B. Insurance, our customers are big rig drivers, flatbed drivers and fleet managers in Tennessee and other states. We expect local law enforcement and highway patrol to be extra diligent in regards to load heights and weights.

  • Drivers should know those interstate overpass heights in Region 2 range from a minimum of 14 feet, 10 inches to a maximum of 73 feet, 6 inches for trucks traveling I-75 and I-24.
  • Are you concerned about your route / vertical clearance and weights? Check out the TN DoT resource to check maximum heights and weights.

Ultimately, it’s the driver’s responsibility to make sure his or her load is legal. Don’t risk your license or your load!

Tennessee Bridge Strikes Can Affect Rig Insurance Rates

We’ve mentioned this elsewhere on our blog, too. Big rig insurance is like a club that drivers pay to be in. When everyone drives safely, claims are low, and insurance premiums stay low. When the numbers of claims or their resulting payments rise, costs of rig insurance increase for everyone, not just the driver involved.

Want to learn more about Tennessee rig insurance? Contact us today! We’d love to get you a free quote.  J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC also provides Rig Insurance in Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska & Illinois.

David Ott

David Ott