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Tow Truck Insurance

Everything You Ought To Know About Buying Commercial Truck Insurance

An accident or a lawsuit can devastate your trucking business. Companies need protection against unexpected conditions with effective insurance coverage matching owner-operator truckers’ risks. As an owner-operator, you may think you can leave everything that has to do with insurance to your broker; this is not the best thing to do if you want to maximize the protection of your trucking business. Primary liability coverage […]

Types of Commercial Insurance for Tow Truck Companies in Florida

Acquiring commercial truck insurance in Florida is a crucial component for your tow truck company. Whether you have an existing truck company or you’re planning to set up one, you need to obtain the insurance for various reasons. It’s worth noting that the commercial truck insurance needs vary from one company to another within Florida. Here are the types of insurance you need for your […]

3 Incredible Benefits of Investing in Tow Truck Insurance

Running a tow truck business can be rewarding but also risky. Clients usually trust you to safely move their precious cars or other equipment from one point to another. Unfortunately, anything can happen along the road to deliver the load to the destination. For this reason, it is crucial to protect yourself from liability with tow truck insurance. Here are three benefits of having tow […]

Policies Included in Tow Truck Insurance

Tow truck business owners make money by towing disabled vehicles. Tow truck businesses, for example, rotational towing, roadside service providers, and auto club contractors should have tow truck insurance. There are many hazards faced by commercial tow truck drivers. The hazards include occupational injuries, injuries as a result of being hit by other vehicles, injuries from broken glass and dangers relating to bad weather. Tow […]

What Types of Tow Truck Insurance Will You Need for Your Business?

Looking for tow truck insurance for your business? Working with a trusted and reputable company like J.E.B. Insurance Services will get you on the right track towards receiving the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Tow truck insurance is necessary for your business if you own a transportation company or a roadside assistance company. However, there are many types of tow truck insurance you […]

Tow Truck Insurance: Protecting Your Assets

As a tow truck operator or tow truck business owner, you are consistently performing valuable services for people in the community. If you want to continue performing these services for a long time, you will need to be armed with the right tow truck insurance. Tow truck insurance is indispensable. The insurance needs of tow truck companies will not be the same, so it is […]

Commercial Truck Insurance: Do You Have A Preventative Maintenance Plan?

Does your Georgia business depend on a fleet of commercial trucks? Unfortunately, breakdowns are a reality for many businesses, and it is something you may have already dealt with multiple times this year.   Commercial truck breakdowns can become very costly. When a breakdown occurs, you will not only have to worry about paying for the repairs, maintenance, or replacement of parts, but you will also […]

Texas Tow Truck Insurance Topics: Understanding TX CE Requirements

At J.E.B. Insurance, we help Texas tow truck drivers and fleet managers get the insurance they need! And as Texas insurance professionals, we know all about continuing education (CE). But we’re not the only ones needing ongoing CE in The Lone Star State, tow truck drivers need it too!  With this article we’ll cover tow truck driver CE requirements (current as of January 2020.) We’ll also provide you a list of […]

Nebraska Tow Truck Drivers Talk About the “Move Over Law”

Nebraska Tow Truck Drivers Talk About the “Move Over Law” Here at JEB Insurance, we insure Nebraska’s tow trucks and tow truck fleets. Tow truck drivers have a risky job, and we applaud you for it! We understand the safety concerns faced by any driver pulled over on the side of the highway, while other vehicles fly by at 60, 70 or even 80 plus miles […]

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