Texas Rig Insurance News: FMCSA Expands Hours of Service

Our nation relies on rigs to be running in Texas, and all states, during our current health crisis in the U.S. 

To that end, on March 14 and again March 18, 2020 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FCMSA) expanded current hours of service (HOS) rules for drivers during this time of crisis.

This national emergency declaration is meant to provide relief to CDL drivers transporting emergency supplies, medical supplies and food in response to the nationwide COVID-19 outbreak. Expanded HOS terms include fuel and raw materials needed to manufacture essential supplies during a global shortage. 

Examples of HOS-Exempt Loads Include:

  • Fuels like gasoline, diesel and fuel oil.
  • Medical supplies and equipment for the testing, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.
  • Supplies needed for community safety and sanitation – masks, gloves, sanitizer, soap and disinfectants.
  • Groceries, household paper products for emergency restocking of stores and distribution centers
  • Raw materials required and to be used for the manufacture of essential items. 
  • All equipment, supplies and persons needed to create or manage temporary housing (for quarantine purposes).
  • And persons who need to be moved for whatever emergency reason, like medical staff or patients.

Texas rig drivers should note: the declaration specifically says direct assistance does not include routine commercial deliveries. To put it another way, drivers can’t add a single pallet of toilet paper to a mixed load to qualify as emergency relief. 

Also, once the exempt load is delivered, drivers must take a minimum ten-hour break (for freight) or an eight-hour break (for persons). 

Read the full FCMSA declaration here

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David Ott

David Ott