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Safety Tips to Reduce Fleet Trucking Insurance Expenses

5 Ways to Improve Fleet Safety and Reduce Trucking Insurance Costs Every fleet manager knows that safety is about more than just good road etiquette. Safe driving reduces incidents of damage, legal complications. driver injuries, and can even reduce the cost of your commercial truck insurance. This means that every safety initiative serves a dual purpose to both secure your fleet and improve your budget. […]

How to Create a Fleet Asset Theft Plan

In the US, a vehicle is stolen every 41 seconds. Stealing parts and supplies from unattended vehicles is even more common. This means that theft is something fleet managers should plan for, now matter how good your lot security or how tight your system. When a vehicle, its parts, or its contents are stolen, this can become a major setback to your fleet both in planning your service […]

6 Ways to Save on Owner Operator Insurance in Texas

As an owner-operator truck driver, insurance is likely one of your biggest monthly expenses. Therefore, anything you can do to reduce your premium can go a long way in helping keep the cost of doing business more manageable. While there are many factors insurance companies consider when determining your truck insurance rates in Texas, there are things that you can do to lower your premium […]

The Link Between Your CAB Report and What You Pay for Truck Insurance in Texas

Texas is an integral hub for trucking, with interstates like I-10, I-20, I-30, and I-35 intersecting the state, along with critical ports like Houston and crossing points like Laredo. Commercial truck drivers are constantly hauling cargo in and out of the state. For these truckers, having proper insurance coverage is crucial for protecting themselves and the trucking business on these highly trafficked roads. However, some truck drivers […]

Texas Trucking Insurance Compliance: Rules and Filings

Filing the proper documents for commercial truck insurance is a significant responsibility for any trucking company. These filings provide legal proof to regulators that your trucking business carries liability coverage at the state-mandated minimums. This protects the public by guaranteeing your company can cover damages if your commercial trucks are involved in an at-fault accident. Trucks are so large and heavy compared to passenger vehicles, so they […]

New Focus on Underride Wrecks Could Affect Commercial Truck Insurance

Underride wrecks occur when a passenger vehicle crashes into the rear or side of a commercial truck and slides under it due to speed and velocity. As a CDL driver, you’re already aware of these dangerous accidents. Your truck is equipped with a rear underrun protection system, commonly known as a Mansfield bar after the death of Jayne Mansfield.  Recent research suggests these accidents may be more […]

The Effect of Load Types on Insurance Costs for Commercial Truckers

The types of loads that commercial truckers haul can have a significant impact on insurance costs. Insurance companies take into account the risks associated with different kinds of cargo when determining premiums. From general freight to hazardous materials, each load type comes with its own set of risks and insurance considerations. Truckers carrying higher-risk loads will generally pay more for insurance coverage. Whether you’re an owner-operator or […]

Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s: Paperwork and Supplies for Commercial Trucking Compliance

Commercial truck drivers have many responsibilities to safely and legally operate on public roads. There is extensive paperwork required along with proper equipment. On top of that, appropriate insurance coverage is crucial. Without it, trucking businesses remain exposed to major liability in the event of an accident or cargo claim. Having valid licenses, registrations, inspection reports, and operating credentials show trucking companies are running above board. […]

Why Commercial Truck Insurance Renewal Rates Can Rise

Commercial truck insurance may not be the most exciting topic out there, we get it. However, when it comes to your insurance renewal, it’s absolutely important that you pay attention because your rates could go up — especially if there have been any recent claims or changes in your driving history. By carefully checking your policy and venturing out to seek different options, you can […]

Understanding DOT Inspection Levels: What Texas Commercial Truckers Need to Know 

The Department of Transportation works hard to ensure that Texas roads and all roads across America are as safe and efficient as possible. One of the ways they do this is by requiring drivers of commercial trucks that weigh more than 10,000 pounds to follow specific safety standards. To ensure these standards are being met, truckers are put through an inspection. Unfortunately, these roadside inspections are not […]

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