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Rig Insurance Companies Give Tips for Avoiding Cold and Flu Season

Traveling can expose you to many viruses for which you may or may not have immunity. While on the road, poor eating habits and sleep hygiene can leave you susceptible to multiple illnesses. That doesn’t mean you must succumb to flu season, so long as you follow these tips to stay healthy. Practice Good Health Habits Your ability to ward off colds will largely depend on […]

2 Moves That Impact Automated Platooning

Self-driving trucks have been creating a buzz in the industry for years. The big mystery isn’t if they’re going to start finding their way into every part of the supply chain. Instead, it was a question of how. Many experts predicted a gradual shift, especially in larger companies. Others suspected that warehouses and manufacturers would use smaller autonomous vehicles on-site only. Even more people predicted […]

Are You Clearing the Ice Off Your Truck?

Ice can strike at any time, and sometimes that warning is literal. Northern states such as Minnesota and Vermont experience icy storms and freezing temperatures well into spring earlier this year, and that ice can be dangerous. Because of rapid temperature fluctuations and bumpy roads, several passenger vehicles and even a police squad car have been hit by large chunks of ice and snow flying […]

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