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Commercial Truck Insurance: Top Issues Facing Drivers in Illinois

Truck driving is a huge business. It has been projected that the number of commercial vehicle drivers will hit 77,000 in Illinois by the year 2024 for heavy operators and 49,941 drivers for light duty operators. While the industry is growing, so are the issues that drivers face. Commercial truck insurance in Illinois can help combat some of these issues. If you’re interested in knowing […]

5 Essential Safety Tips For Commercial Truck Drivers in Florida

Sometimes driving a commercial truck on Florida’s busy highways can be a challenging and dangerous job. According to statistics, Florida is among the states with the most deaths stemming from large truck crashes. In 2020, the state recorded a total of 344 deaths. But how can you keep safe on the road to protect your life and those of other drivers and road users? While some […]

What to Expect from Your Rig Insurance Company After an Accident

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) says more than 400,000 truck and bus accidents are reported annually in the US. Even back in 2020, a pandemic year with little traffic, professional drivers were involved in 414,000 reported accidents. Sadly, more than 4,000 of them were fatal.  While no one likes to imagine a tragedy, we must ask “what if” questions sometimes and prepare for ugly realities. That’s […]

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