Georgia Rig Insurance News: DOT Allows Food Trucks at Rest Areas

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We’re thrilled to let Georgia drivers know that the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) is temporarily changing the rules and allowing commercial food sales at interstate highway rest areas around the nation. 

Georgia Big Rig Drivers Struggle to Find Hot Meals While O.T.R. During COVID-19 Pandemic 

As state and local orders have limited restaurants to take-out or drive-through operations only, and many restaurants have shut their doors, CDL drivers have found it challenging to find a hot meal and personal facilities while on the road. 

Big rigs won’t fit through a fast-food drive-through, and hazmat drivers, in particular, may not be allowed to leave their load to enter a grocery store.

  • As of April 5, 2020 the Federal Highway Administration (F.H.A.) notified states that it would allow for commercial food sales at rest stops to help ease the strain on our drivers, as we struggle to keep supply chains running. 

“The nation is experiencing extraordinary and unprecedented circumstances due to the current COVID-19 national public health emergency, in which states have been forced to close restaurants and other available food service accommodations, including in Interstate highway rest areas,” the F.H.A. notice said.

Commercial food sales have long been forbidden at interstate rest areas, but we’re hoping that access to hot meals will make our customers O.T.R. experience far better! 

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David Ott

David Ott