Texas Rig Insurance News: Official HOS Updates

After multiple proposed changes and alterations, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FCMSA) announced the final Hours of Service (HOS) rules in March 2020. The team at J.E.B. Insurance Services L.L.C. is thrilled to bring you these updates, which affect big rig drivers in Texas and every other state. 

Key HOS Updates: Affecting Rig Drivers in Texas and All States Immediately

We’re happy to announce the new HOS regulations provide more flexibility for CDL drivers. Key notes to consider:

  • Short-hauls are now 150 air-miles and allow a 14-hour work shift for short-haul drivers. This means more drivers are regarded as short-haul, and their shifts are longer. 
  • Adverse weather conditions allow for an additional two hours of drive-time allowed. Winter weather conditions or wind advisories won’t count against your driving time.
  • Your 30-minute break can now happen after eight hours of driving time, not overall work time. Drivers now have more flexibility when scheduling their breaks, especially if there was a hiccup while loading up. Furthermore, on-duty / not driving time can qualify as the 30-minute break. 
  • The sleeper berth exception has been modified to allow a driver to meet his or her ten-hour off-duty requirement by spending seven hours (not eight) in the berth and at least two hours outside the berth. As long as all the periods total at least ten hours, and that neither of these shorter breaks count against the 14-hour driving window, drivers have far more freedom.

As Texas rig insurance providers, we’re delighted with the new HOS adjustments. We can see the benefit for owner-operators and fleet managers, as well as the rig insurance industry.

How the HOS Rule Changes Affect Rig Insurance in Texas

Safety is everything — to everyone! Whether you’re a driver looking for the best rates on truck insurance, a fleet manager trying to keep costs down these new HOS rules give truckers the flexibility they need to stay rested and fed while getting the job done.

The team at J.E.B. Insurance services understands the view of commercial operators. We talk to drivers every day. It’s our business to know what matters to you. Check out the rest of our blog for more Texas trucker topics, and if you need a rig insurance quote in Texas, contact us today.

David Ott

David Ott