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Why You Need Commercial Truck Insurance in Texas

Every business has unique needs that require specific insurance. When operating a truck business in Texas, it is crucial to acquire commercial semi-truck insurance to protect your business against unforeseen circumstances. It doesn’t matter the number of trucks you have or the size of your business. You need to ensure that your business is safe, no matter how old it is. Here are areas that […]

Tennessee Semi Truck Insurance News: TN Trucker Talks Safety

Tennessee Semi Truck Insurance News: TN Trucker Talks Safety In October 2019, the Chattanooga Times Free Press published an interview with long-time Tennessee trucker Tim Chelette. Per the Times Free Press, he was “named to America’s Road Team, a group of 18 national ambassadors of the American Trucking Association that represent the trucking industry to motorists, lawmakers and the media” recently, and he sure has earned the […]

Nebraska Semi Truck & Insurance News: FMCSA Kicks off Public Comment Period for HOS Revisions

Nebraska Semi Truck & Insurance News: FMCSA Kicks off Public Comment Period for HOS Revisions In mid-August, 2019 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) published some exciting proposed revisions to the recently updated Hours of Service (HOS) rules. You can read all about the proposed changes at our JEB Insurance blog article. The FMCSA also announced a 45 day period for public comment, allowing semi truck […]

Why Your Company Should Be Cautious About the Upcoming (and Unknown) HOS Changes

The semi-truck industry has been on a roller coaster of regulatory changes, and the ride’s not over yet. This June, the U.S. Department of Transportation will release some changes to the current Hours of Service regulations. These changes are being touted as more flexible, but the specifics aren’t clear. Some of the changes are likely to touch on: Increasing short-haul exemptions to fourteen hours of […]

Do You Have Drivers Going to California? The Break Laws Have Changed

Near the end of 2018, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) decided that the federal law regarding mandatory breaks should overrule California’s laws. In California, drivers, just like other non-exempt workers) were required to take a thirty-minute break during every shift longer than five hours and then take a ten-minute break every four hours. These breaks were also considered paid time. The federal law […]

How Operation Safe Driver Week’s Results Can Prepare Your Team for Winter

Semi Truck Insurance This previous summer’s Operation Safe Driver Week was designed to stop some of the most common and dangerous safety violations on the road. But the Commercial Vehicles Safety Alliance (CVSA), the entity behind the movement, also wanted to collect data. Once the industry knows the most common violations, everyone can work together to stay safer. Here are the top three most common […]

Make Driver Safety a Priority During the First Freeze

Semi Truck Insurance Autumn is well underway, and that means icy nights and snowfall are on their way. If you have drivers with routes far in the north or in mountainous regions, it might already feel like the start of winter. Icy weather is bad news all around. It makes driving more dangerous and it slows down the route. But don’t focus just on the […]

Are You Clearing the Ice Off Your Truck?

Ice can strike at any time, and sometimes that warning is literal. Northern states such as Minnesota and Vermont experience icy storms and freezing temperatures well into spring earlier this year, and that ice can be dangerous. Because of rapid temperature fluctuations and bumpy roads, several passenger vehicles and even a police squad car have been hit by large chunks of ice and snow flying […]

What Does the Denham Amendment Mean for Your Truckers?

When the House passed the Denham amendment in April 2018 as they reauthorized the FAA for five years, they emphasized the importance of federal regulations over the state when it comes to truckers. Many states, like California, either require or allow for paid breaks every four to five hours of drive time. These more frequent breaks were monitored by ELDs. The federal regulations that the […]

Are Bigger Trucks Bad for Business?

Semi-trucks are becoming bigger and bigger when they can. Profit margins are thin, which means being able to carry more on each route makes a lot of business sense. But not everyone likes having oversized trucks in their region, and big trucks have their own safety considerations. If you’re weighing the pros and cons of adding a truck for larger loads, it’s not necessarily a bad […]

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