Florida Big Rig Insurance News: Coronavirus Risk May Lead to Better Pay… Eventually

Businesses across the nation are urging employees to work from home whenever possible, to help reduce the spread of COVD-19.  Social interactions are being limited, and non-essential travel is being canceled. CDL drivers can’t work from home, and commercial big rig drivers in all states, particularly Florida, may face an increased health risk in the form of contact with cargo.

At J.E.B. Insurance, we work with big rig drivers and fleet managers in Florida and other states. Our goal is to provide Florida’s CDL drivers and teams with the right truck insurance and cargo insurance for their needs. We’re not writing this blog to spread panic. Our goal is to make drivers aware a future boom on Florida routes and cargo, and the potential for a “trucking price shock”.

Florida Businesses Prepare for Coronavirus

Like the rest of the nation, Florida based businesses have been taking some precautions against Coronavirus, including social distancing.

Meanwhile, the freight industry braces for slowdowns.

Florida’s Port Economy May Change, Leading to Better Pay for Big Rig Drivers

Florida big rig drivers haul in freight from around the US to export, and pick up loads of imports to distribute. “The Sunshine State” is America’s eighth-biggest exporter after Texas, California, New York and Washington. Florida’s exports equals 3.3% of United States’ overall exported products in 2018, totaling around $52 billion.

  • Today, Florida’s freight industry is stalling due to quarantines, reduced travel and skeleton receiving crews.
  • But that dam will eventually break, as quarantines and bans are lifted. 
  • All that freight will need to be moved fast!
  • Fleet managers and logistics firms will be looking for more CDL drivers.
  • Owner operators will be able to set a higher price per load.

We’re not economics experts at J.E.B. Insurance, we’re insurance specialists. Our goal with this blog is to provide big rig owner operators and fleet managers with industry-related information you can use. 2020 might become a banner year for the freight industry, if we can hang on for a few months. As always, if you’d like to get a quote for big rig insurance or cargo insurance in Florida, contact us today. Know anyone in another state that we can help?? We are also licensed in Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska & Tennessee.

David Ott

David Ott