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Four Types of Blindness That Affect Commercial or Owner Operator Truckers

Good vision is essential for safely driving commercial or owner operator trucks. However, even with a healthy pair of eyes with 20/20 vision, you can’t always count on them to see everything on the road. That’s because the external world can interfere with your vision, or your brain may fail to properly process the signals sent by the eyes. In short, you can’t see something […]

Tennessee Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance: Is Your Liability Coverage Enough?

An 80,000 pound semi truck can cause a lot of injury and damage in an accident. Although truck driver injuries and fatalities do happen, the greatest harm occurs to the occupants of smaller vehicles. This is why truck drivers are held to a higher standard than ordinary motorists. However, even the most professional of truck drivers are at risk of getting into an accident. You […]

Texas Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Provider Discusses U-Turns

If you miss your turn-off, is it OK to make a U-turn? If you’re on a road open to traffic, the answer is no. Even if it’s legal to make a U-turn, there will likely be insufficient room to pull it off with your commercial or owner operator truck. Going up on curbs or on to soft shoulders is a bad idea as well. You […]

What Makes a Great Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Driver?

Truck driving isn’t an easy profession. It’s among the most dangerous of jobs and has a high turnover rate. What attracts people to commercial or owner operator truck driving? Some drivers like being alone on the road, or not having a boss looking over their shoulder, or being paid to travel. While these and other motivations bring people into truck driving, they have less to […]

Rig Insurance Florida: Shortage of Big Rig Parking Spots a Growing Concern

Over-the-road truckers have always faced safety challenges, but one that is currently making headlines is a lack of overnight parking. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) claims that this poses a “national safety concern” as it forces drivers to continue on when tired or to park illegally and risk becoming a crime victim. Some industry experts even believe that the shortage makes it difficult to retain […]

Owner Operators: Why You Need Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

When owner operator truck drivers work for motor carriers as independent contractors, the carrier provides the liability and cargo insurance coverage. However, once you have completed your service to the carrier, you are no longer operating under their direction or getting paid for your services. In other words, you are no longer under dispatch. This often happens after dropping off a loaded trailer and you are […]

Three Tornado Myths Best Ignored by Owners or Commercial Truckers

Most tornado’s strike from March through June and occur in the late afternoon. However, they’ve been known to occur during every month of the year and during any hour of the day, including night. This means the commercial or owner operator truck driver shouldn’t let his guard down in the mornings, evenings, or later in the summer. If a big thunderstorm can hit, so can […]

Three Reasons Commercial or Owner Operator Truckers Have Night Vision Problems

The commercial or owner operator truck driver’s occupation can take its toll on night vision. Long hours on the road over the years expose the trucker to harsh lighting, a poor diet, and lack of exercise. On top of these are the inevitable effects of getting older. Over time, all of these factors diminish your ability to see at night. If you are starting to […]

The Attractions of Being a Truck Driver

There are many truck drivers out there who like their work, are good at what they do, and have few regrets about their profession. Of course, there are others who quickly discover that the truck driving life is not for them. The difference between the two is that those who love their work are drawn more strongly to the attractions of their career than repelled or […]

Florida Rig Insurance: When Big Rigs Are Invisible to Traffic

Motorcycles have a visibility problem because they’re small and have a narrow profile. Because of this, defensive motorcyclists ride as though they’re invisible to other traffic. By contrast, tractor-trailer rigs are among the largest vehicles on the road. Some of their drivers assume that everyone sees them and drive accordingly. That is, they count on other traffic to brake for them. While not all commercial […]

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