Bobtail Insurance

The Specifics of Commercial Truck Insurance and Bobtail Insurance

Commercial truck insurance is a well-packaged group of specified insurance policies designed to meet trucking business specifications. Unlike common commercial insurance covering the vehicle only in the occurrence of a calamity such as an accident, commercial truck insurance covers a range of perils. It not only covers when damages occur, but specialized commercial insurance extends to the cargo. Commercial truck insurance is quite dynamic to […]

Understanding the Complexity of Bobtail Insurance

Due to the seemingly complex nature of commercial truck insurance, there are many myths and misconceptions being passed around about the different options and coverage. One of the most misunderstood aspects of commercial truck insurance is bobtail insurance. Some of the conversations surrounding bobtail insurance may contain truthful information, but some of those conversations do not contain true statements.  We understand it can be very […]

When Would I Be Covered By Bobtail Insurance?

Many truckers have bobtail insurance or they believe they have it. The coverage of bobtail insurance will provide a distinctive form of commercial auto liability coverage. In the trucking industry, owner-operators are leased to motor carriers. If a trucker starts his/her career leasing onto another motor carrier, this will often be a good way to learn the trucking business. What does it mean to lease with […]

Georgia Trucker Insurance News: Driver Goes to Prison for Dumping Diesel

Georgia Trucker Insurance News: Driver Goes to Federal Prison for Dumping Diesel in Creek On December 16, 2019, CDL Life Magazine reported that per Georgia state authorities, a truck driver pled guilty to illegally dumping thousands of gallons of diesel fuel into a creek, and was sentenced to serve 18 months in federal prison. From an insurance perspective, this sort of activity is harmful all around! From the […]

How Does Bobtail Insurance Work?

Bobtail insurance is an inexpensive type of trucking coverage. It’s a bit different from most policies. After all, a car is always a car, but a bobtail is only a bobtail sometimes. Let’s take a look at when this insurance goes into effect, what protection it provides and how it compares with non-trucking liability. Coverage A bobtail policy only offers financial protection when you’re driving […]

What Type Of Coverage Can Bobtail Insurance Provide?

A different form of auto liability coverage – bobtail insurance. Many truckers have bobtail insurance and others only think they have this type of insurance. Bobtail insurance coverage provides a different form of auto liability coverage. An owner-operator will be leased to a motor carrier, and this will require a contract that has to be executed. Agreeing to this contract will mean both sides are […]

Is Bobtail Truck Insurance Right for You?

Bobtail  Insurance Big rig drivers, especially owner-operators, know that the all-to-often dreaded words ‘bobtailing’ and ‘dead-heading” means headed somewhere with no trailer (and too often) no pay for those miles. However, regardless if you are an independent or leased on with a company, you may be required to carry special Bobtail Truck insurance. Here’s what owner-operators need to know: Regardless of whether or not you are under […]

Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Coverage In Iowa

If you make the decision to lease onto a motor carrier in Iowa, you will find that all of your trucking insurance needs will be determined by the terms of your lease. Most times, you will be provided with primary liability insurance. What does primary liability insurance cover? This insurance will cover any injuries that someone else may have incurred or any damages that occurred […]

Reasons You Need (and Don’t Need) Bobtail Insurance

When you drive your commercial truck without a trailer, it is known as bobtailing. Whether you have dropped a load off and are heading home or to another load, you might need to have insurance for that. Bobtailing insurance covers any damages that occur to both people and property when you are driving your truck without a trailer. It is considered liability insurance. So, why […]

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