Bobtail Insurance

How Does Bobtail Insurance Work?

Bobtail insurance is an inexpensive type of trucking coverage. It’s a bit different from most policies. After all, a car is always a car, but a bobtail is only a bobtail sometimes. Let’s take a look at when this insurance goes into effect, what protection it provides and how it compares with non-trucking liability. Coverage A bobtail policy only offers financial protection when you’re driving […]

What Type Of Coverage Can Bobtail Insurance Provide?

A different form of auto liability coverage – bobtail insurance. Many truckers have bobtail insurance and others only think they have this type of insurance. Bobtail insurance coverage provides a different form of auto liability coverage. An owner-operator will be leased to a motor carrier, and this will require a contract that has to be executed. Agreeing to this contract will mean both sides are […]

Is Bobtail Truck Insurance Right for You?

Bobtail  Insurance Big rig drivers, especially owner-operators, know that the all-to-often dreaded words ‘bobtailing’ and ‘dead-heading” means headed somewhere with no trailer (and too often) no pay for those miles. However, regardless if you are an independent or leased on with a company, you may be required to carry special Bobtail Truck insurance. Here’s what owner-operators need to know: Regardless of whether or not you are under […]

Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Coverage In Iowa

If you make the decision to lease onto a motor carrier in Iowa, you will find that all of your trucking insurance needs will be determined by the terms of your lease. Most times, you will be provided with primary liability insurance. What does primary liability insurance cover? This insurance will cover any injuries that someone else may have incurred or any damages that occurred […]

Reasons You Need (and Don’t Need) Bobtail Insurance

When you drive your commercial truck without a trailer, it is known as bobtailing. Whether you have dropped a load off and are heading home or to another load, you might need to have insurance for that. Bobtailing insurance covers any damages that occur to both people and property when you are driving your truck without a trailer. It is considered liability insurance. So, why […]

When Do You Need More Bobtail Insurance?

Not every truck needs every type of insurance coverage all year-round. Liability and physical damage coverage are constants, but you might increase or add on more specific areas of coverage for different jobs. The same is true for bobtail insurance, which is liability coverage for your truck after you have dropped off your cargo trailer and are on the way home or to the next load. […]

Owner-Operators: Protect Yourself and Your Livelihood With Bobtail Insurance

Truckers who are independent contractors or owner-operators must take particular care to ensure that they are sufficiently insured when not on dispatch. Bobtail insurance is an important form of liability insurance for truckers who are owner-operators. Understanding What Bobtail Insurance Covers Bobtail insurance covers you for any losses arising from accidents that occur when you are driving your rig without a trailer.  Typically, bobtail insurance will […]

Fleet Truck Insurance: Why The Lowest Price Isn’t Always the Best

If you own a fleet of trucks, you are going to have plenty of expenses. First, you actually have to buy the vehicles. Then, you have to worry about fuel and maintenance, which can be quite costly. However, you can’t forget about the insurance. This can be the biggest expense that you may have with your fleet. That being said, many people shop around until […]

Why You May Need Bobtail Insurance for Your Truck

According to the American Trucking Associations, 33.8 million trucks are registered and used for business purposes, not including government and farm trucks. If you drive an 18-wheeler for a living and sometimes drive without your trailer, you should consider bobtail insurance. Independent Operators If you work for yourself and take contract jobs to transport goods, check with the company to see if they will provide […]

Operation Safe Driver Week Is Just Around the Corner: July 15-21, 2018

Dangerous driving is the root cause for most of the dangers out on the roads. Even with poor visibility, aging infrastructure, and unclear GPS routes, the number one cause of vehicle crashes is driver behavior. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s “Large Truck Crash Causation Study,” the FMCSA found that 88% of truck crashes and 93% of passenger car crashes are due to […]

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