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Bobtail Insurance in Texas: Truck Driver Shortage Demands Creative Solutions

Truck Driver Shortage to Affect Bobtail Insurance in Texas According to the American Trucking Association, the commercial truck driving industry currently has a shortage of 35,000 drivers. By the year 2020, the situation will become dramatically worse, with a shortage of 240,000 drivers predicted. Why? Because of “flat wages,” increased government regulations on the industry, imminent retirements and changes in public opinion regarding truck driving as […]

Owner Operator Insurance: Florida Commercial Truck Insurance Coverage

As an owner operator in Florida, your commercial truck insurance has to be prepared for every possible scenario on the road. There are a huge number of potentially dangerous things you encounter every day from careless drivers to the weather. You counter those things by being well rested before you drive, keeping your commercial truck maintained and having owner operator insurance. Florida, like most other […]

Oversize-Overweight Truck Loads

In the commercial truck insurance industry there is a variety of required paperwork that the trucker must have filed with the federal and state authorities when trucking for hire. Every state has different laws and permits that are required. In the State of Texas the trucker must obtain an oversize / overweight permit from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles if your vehicle and/or load […]

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