Owner-Operators: Protect Yourself and Your Livelihood With Bobtail Insurance

Truckers who are independent contractors or owner-operators must take particular care to ensure that they are sufficiently insured when not on dispatch. Bobtail insurance is an important form of liability insurance for truckers who are owner-operators.

Understanding What Bobtail Insurance Covers

Bobtail insurance covers you for any losses arising from accidents that occur when you are driving your rig without a trailer.  Typically, bobtail insurance will cover you whether or not you are on dispatch.  With bobtail insurance, you are covered not only when you are driving your rig to get it fueled or back home after dropping off a trailer, but on those days you drive your rig on your off days for personal transportation.  Bobtail insurance is a form of non-trucking liability insurance, a broad name for insurance for those times when you are either not on dispatch, or on dispatch but not covered by the motor carrier you are driving for.

How Does Bobtail Insurance Differ from Deadhead Insurance

Deadhead insurance covers you if you own your own trailer, but are not on dispatch.  Deadhead insurance typically covers you when you are driving home after dropping off a load and the motor carrier does not cover you. It also covers you when you are using your rig and trailer for your personal use.

Which Form Type of Insurance Do You Need?

You must be careful to investigate what the motor carrier covers to determine what type of insurance you will need to protect yourself against loss.  If you are an owner-operator but do not own your own trailer, then bobtail insurance will likely meet your needs and will cover you against loss whether you are using your rig for your personal use, on the way to pick up a trailer or just dropped one off.  The motor carrier will likely insure the trailer at all times while you are on dispatch.

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David Ott

David Ott