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How Side Underride Guards Can Save Lives and Reduce Your Insurance Premiums in Illinois

Rear underride guards are a necessity while driving a truck. Not only can they save lives in the event of a collision, they are a mandated protection feature. Recently, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been studying the effects of side underride guards in potential collisions between passenger vehicles and trucking rigs. While the organization’s results haven’t driven legislative changes yet, side guards could […]

Keep Your Commercial Trucking Insurance Low by Avoiding the Most Common CSA Violations

In just a few months, federal inspection agencies are going to start monitoring truckers’ adherence to daily drive time limits through electronic sensors. While the enforcement and preparation for this mandate has and will continue to be a challenge, the end goal of making roads safer for both truckers and drivers in passenger vehicles is important. Not only do trucking regulations save lives, adhering to […]

Getting Your Truck Ready for the Fall

It’s almost fall, and Nebraska is starting to get brisk temperatures already. If you’re going to be truck driving during the autumn and winter, most of your focus might be on getting the exterior and mechanical parts of your truck checked out: making sure you have snow chains for your tires, checking rubber seals and gaskets, and making sure the top of your trailer is […]

Five More Months Until Proposed Deadline of Mandated Login for All Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released a federal mandate requiring all truck drivers to electronically document driving hours, but so far the administration has not released a plan on that requirement will be monitored. There are fewer than five months until the deadline for all truckers to switch from paper to electronics, and the mandate is supposed to go into effect and be enforced […]

Why Summer Is a Dangerous Season for Commercial or Owner Operator Truckers

When people think about the most dangerous season of the year for driving, winter usually comes to mind. What can be more harrowing than driving your commercial or owner operator truck on icy or snowy roads in a snowstorm? Interestingly, statistics defy this common sense notion and indicate that summer is the worst season because it has the greatest number of accident fatalities. Below are […]

Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Florida: Insurance vs a Savings Plan

If you had enough money saved up and if some types of Florida commercial or owner operator truck insurance were not required, you could theoretically do without insurance. However, primary truck liability is required by law, and physical damage insurance with equipment you have financed is likely required by your lender. On the other hand, a savings plan is a viable alternative to taking out […]

Illinois Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Provider Discusses Driverless Trucking

Automation has displaced many traditional jobs across the country and it is now taking aim at the trucking industry. Does this mean the commercial or owner operator truck driver will go the way of the assembly line worker? Fortunately for truckers, their work is more complex than assembly line work, and the effect of autopilots on the airline industry shows that humans will stay in […]

Nebraska Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance: 6 Comfort Tips for Truckers

Trucking is a marathon. Commercial or owner operator truck drivers spend a big part of their day in their truck and they average 2000 to 3000 miles per week. This is why comfort is so important. While you might be able to tough it out in the short-term, long-term discomfort will affect your morale, cause fatigue, reduce productivity, and may even affect your health. If […]

Texas Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurer Asks: Are You Buckling up Properly?

Truck drivers understand the need for seat belt use. They know that it prevents them from getting thrown against the windshield, ejected from the cab, or otherwise getting tossed about in an accident. However, they may not appreciate that it’s only effective when used in a certain way. Years of extensive testing on seat belts with crash dummies have demonstrated the effectiveness of seat belts. […]

Owner-Operator Insurance: Advice for Truckers who Carry

Staying safe while on the road is challenging for truckers, which is why a growing number of professional drivers now carry firearms. Driving with a firearm in your truck involves more than just obtaining a permit in your home state-here are some things you should know before traveling with weapons. Reciprocal Carry The first step you should take is to determine which states recognize your […]

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