Semi Truck Insurance

Commercial Truck Broke Down?

Let’s be honest, for most truckers, the bottom line for their business is the commercial truck insurance premium. The last thing a trucker wants is to pay more money for commercial truck insurance when they feel confident in their driving skills and has never had an accident. How many truckers really read their commercial truck insurance policy? Now, when you have an accident and something […]

Florida Tow Truck Show

Mark your Calendars for April 19-22, 2012 for the annual Florida Tow Truck Show brought to you by the Professional Wrecker Operation of Florida, Inc.  It is that time again to take some time off and enjoy the sunny Florida weather while learning what is new and happening in the tow truck industry. The Tow Truck Show is held annually in sunny Orlando, Florida at […]

Buying a Semi Truck

When you are buying semi truck insurance you are also making a business decision. There are numerous of things to consider when you are in the process of buying a semi truck.  All good businesses start out with a realistic business plan showing how your funding will be obtained in the future. You should have some contracts or jobs lined up to insure you will […]

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