Getting Your Truck Ready for the Fall

It’s almost fall, and Nebraska is starting to get brisk temperatures already. If you’re going to be truck driving during the autumn and winter, most of your focus might be on getting the exterior and mechanical parts of your truck checked out: making sure you have snow chains for your tires, checking rubber seals and gaskets, and making sure the top of your trailer is well-insulated for rain and ice. But making sure your cabin is prepared for fall is just as important, and making minor adjustments can help keep you healthy and safe, which can, in turn, reduce your trucking insurance premiums.

Make Sure the Environment is Set Up

You will spend the majority of your time in your truck, and it’s important that you make sure it’s safe and comfortable. Run the heater for a quick test to make sure it both works and can provide steady heat for at least an hour because doing before the winter rush means getting any repairs done faster. Also make sure your mirrors are positioned so that you don’t have to twist or lean over to check them; quickly shifting your muscles in the cold can make them seize, and adding more mirrors where you need them is a sign to your insurance company that you are willing to add safety features to your truck. You might also want to get a steering wheel cover or start carrying your gloves in the truck: holding your fingers still when the temperature gets chilly can reduce circulation and be distracting, so make sure you can keep your hands warm even if it’s not cold enough for the heater.

Getting ready for the chilly fall months is both a matter of checking that your equipment works and making sure you have what you need. Go to J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC to find more tips for higher health and lower insurance premiums. We provide commercial truck insurance in the following states: Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Caroline, South Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa & Nebraska.

David Ott

David Ott