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South Carolina Owner Operator’s Insurance News: SC’s CDL Crisis

It’s no secret that the United States is grappling with a serious shortage of CDL drivers. At J.E.B. Insurance we insure SC fleet managers and owner operators specifically. We hear the stories from drivers and fleet managers. Recently, South Carolina’s Post and Courier published an article by Emily Williams detailing the immense need for new CDL drivers, titled “In South Carolina, Freight is Booming.” Here […]

Tennessee Fleet Insurance News: FMCSA Postpones Federal Training Standards Change

Tennessee Fleet Insurance News: FMCSA Postpones Federal Training Standards Change Three years ago, in December of 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced their plan to standardize new CDL driver training across the nation. The new CDL training requirements would include mandated classroom time, driving time on the road and range driving time, to be taught at a federally recognized trucking school, by […]

How to Lower Your Fleet Truck Insurance

How to Lower Your Fleet Truck Insurance If you own and use a fleet of vehicles, then writing the check annually for your fleet truck insurance should push you to do what you can to reduce the cost of insurance. So what can you do to help keep the rates you pay to a minimum? Install Vehicle Trackers Installing vehicle trackers will help you determine […]

Florida Fleet Truck Insurance: On Hurricanes & Freight

Florida Fleet Truck Insurance: On Hurricanes & Freight Florida fleet managers and big rig owners are no strangers to hurricanes and their effects on the freight industry. Every year Florida faces hurricane risk, but only 18 hurricanes have actually made landfall in the last 170 years or so, and fewer than half of those have actually hit Florida. Here at JEB Insurance Services we serve […]

Florida Fleet Truck Insurance: FGC Gets Grant for CDL Training Facility

Florida Fleet Truck Insurance News: FGC Gets Grant for CDL Training Facility Florida Gateway College (FGC) has received a $2.4 million grant to build a brand new CDL training facility at their Olustee Campus, reports ABC News. Staff at J.E.B Commercial Truck Insurance is happy about the news, as it means Florida fleet managers will have more CDL applicants within the next year. More qualified applicants […]

Georgia Commercial Truck Insurance News: Tire Prices Skyrocket.

Georgia commercial truck insurance providers want fleet managers know about impending tire price increases. Due to the trade war between the US and China there is a 25% tariff on truck tires as of July, 2019. Add to that the projected increase on all rubber goods expected over the next few years, the cost of truck tires is going to skyrocket. Commercial truck insurance companies in […]

Here’s Why You Need Fleet Truck Insurance

Here’s Why You Need Fleet Truck Insurance Fleet Truck Insurance and Commercial Vehicle Insurance differ in several aspects. The state laws regarding commercial vehicles differ considerably than that of commercial vehicles, and the value of fleet vehicles is much greater With fleet truck insurance, there are no ‘owners’ of a truck;  the owner of the entire fleet of cars listed on a fleet truck insurance policy is the company. Add-ons like comprehensive and collision and also differ with fleet insurance. Although expensive, […]

3 Reasons to Switch to Fleet Truck Insurance

Fleet Truck Insurance As your company grows bigger, it’s important to focus on the smaller details. You’re making the transition from being a semi-truck driver who employs a few other drivers to the owner or manager of a large fleet. Even though the fourth quarter is the peak delivery season because of the holiday rush, don’t skip over the administrative strategies. Take an hour or […]

Technology and The Trucking Industry

Technology continues to change the world we live in and continues to make inventive steps in every industry, and this includes the trucking industry. Companies that offer long-haul trucking services are seeing an increase in their dependency on digital technology. Digital technology is changing the way long-haul services operate their business. With the arrival of independent trucking and a continued threat of driver scarcity ahead, the […]

Rig Insurance Companies Give Tips for Avoiding Cold and Flu Season

Traveling can expose you to many viruses for which you may or may not have immunity. While on the road, poor eating habits and sleep hygiene can leave you susceptible to multiple illnesses. That doesn’t mean you must succumb to flu season, so long as you follow these tips to stay healthy. Practice Good Health Habits Your ability to ward off colds will largely depend on […]

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