Florida Fleet Truck Insurance: FGC Gets Grant for CDL Training Facility

Florida Fleet Truck Insurance News: FGC Gets Grant for CDL Training Facility

Florida Gateway College (FGC) has received a $2.4 million grant to build a brand new CDL training facility at their Olustee Campus, reports ABC News. Staff at J.E.B Commercial Truck Insurance is happy about the news, as it means Florida fleet managers will have more CDL applicants within the next year. More qualified applicants equals more drivers, which reduces the strain on fleet managers and drivers statewide.

CDL licensing regs are changing at the federal level. As of February, 2020 CDL applicants will need to complete their training at a federally recognized facility. (You can read more about this at the JEB Insurance blog.) The new Florida CDL training facility is hoping to help fill the national demand for federally certified CDL drivers, which is short 50,000 – 100,000 drivers as of August, 2019.

Florida Fleet Managers Will Have More Applicants

Florida freight companies are short about 1,700 CDL drivers, so a potential boost in qualified CDL applicants is terrific news. Commercial fleet managers have a challenging job of managing many trucks and many drivers in a very competitive market. Florida, like New York and California, is a freight gateway to the United States. Conversely, domestic goods are shipped out of Florida ports. The trucking industry in Florida is essential to our nation, both as a supply route in and an export route out.

Florida Fleet Truck Insurance Providers Approve of Improved Federal Training

     Federally approved training means fewer chances of CDL identity theft, a reduced risk of human trafficking and potential terrorism using semis. It means CDL drivers will be easier to hire and more safe to insure.

Fleet Insurance in Florida

Like the commercial trucks and drivers themselves, big rig insurance in Florida is also essential. J.E.B Insurance provides fleet insurance for companies that run 10 or more commercial trucks. Commercial fleet policy holders usually pay a lower premium per vehicle and have broader coverages. If you’d like a quote don’t hesitate to contact us. We insure commercial trucks in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska.

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