Rig Insurance Companies Give Tips for Avoiding Cold and Flu Season

Traveling can expose you to many viruses for which you may or may not have immunity. While on the road, poor eating habits and sleep hygiene can leave you susceptible to multiple illnesses. That doesn’t mean you must succumb to flu season, so long as you follow these tips to stay healthy.

Practice Good Health Habits

Your ability to ward off colds will largely depend on your general health. For this reason, you should practice good health habits such as:

  • Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day.
  • Eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of citrus fruits (the Vitamin C in citrus fruits is known to prevent colds.)
  • Sleeping at least eight hours every night.
  • Washing hands with warm, soapy water several times each day.

Take Advantage of Natural Remedies

Echinacea is a powerful herb known to increase one’s white blood cell count. As such, it is often taken to boost the immune system. Those who take around 1500 mg per day report fewer flu symptoms or a reduction in severity.

Goldenseal is another remedy thought to ward off upper respiratory infections. It may also be effective at clearing them up, as it is also a powerful antibiotic.

Never Leave Unprepared

Ensure you have a flu kit each time you head out. Your kit should contain some over-the-counter medications as well as some cough drops, tissues, and hand sanitizer. That way, you can attack your symptoms the minute you notice them. And if your company offers a telehealth service, don’t be afraid to use it. A quick phone call could be all you need to help yourself feel better.

The above tips will provide you a bit of insurance against colds and the flu. For other types of insurance including truck liability, cargo coverage, physical damage, and fleet policies, please contact us.

David Ott

David Ott