Cargo Insurance

Does Your Cargo Insurance Actually Cover Your Cargo’s Biggest Risks?

On May 3rd, someone stole nearly one million dollars worth of cancer treatment medication from a Pilot in Tennessee. The crime was recorded, the investigation started immediately, and the truck was found several miles down the interstate. While the truck and trailer were recovered, the pallets of medication were gone and the tracking device had been destroyed. Thefts of this magnitude may not be common, but […]

5 Tips for Preventative Truck Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance checks are crucial for keeping yourself safe when driving your truck. All the tricks and technologies in the world won’t help if your truck isn’t working properly. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips for keeping your truck working properly. Have a Regular Maintenance Schedule You should have a regular maintenance schedule. Check your truck on a regular basis, whether it is once […]

What to Include in Your Fleet Truck Insurance Policy

If you own or manage a fleet of commercial vehicles, making sure your investment is properly protected is very important. One very important part of this is having adequate insurance. When you are looking to provide insurance for your fleet of commercial trucks, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration and included in your fleet insurance policy. Standard Liability Insurance One of […]

Cargo Insurance: High Tech Cargo Theft

The “tools of the trade” used by today’s cargo thieves aren’t necessarily limited to hardware such as bolt cutters, crowbars, and various power tools. They might also include computers, an Internet connection, and specialized software. As long as freight carriers use computers and the Internet, they’re vulnerable to getting their networks hacked by cyber criminals. Cyber crime isn’t limited to merely stealing bank account usernames […]

What’s the Difference Between Liability Coverage and Cargo Insurance?

One of the biggest liabilities commercial truck drivers and carriers face is damage done to other people. Whether it’s through a collision, unsafe driving, or unsecured cargo, truckers can be held liable for a lot of damage done to third parties. Make sure your insurance coverage thoroughly protects you and your business, and make sure the different policies do what you expect. What’s the difference […]

How the ELD Mandate Might Impact Your Insurance

ELDs and their associated legislation were designed to make truckers and general drivers safer. But that might not be the case for the first few months of adjustment. Here are two areas of coverage you should consider adding or adding to on your insurance policy. What coverage should you consider increasing during the first few months of ELDs? Make sure your cargo coverage is up-to-date […]

Cargo Insurance: Why Your Trucking Business Needs It

It’s easy to understand why insuring your trucks is important. You can’t run your business without them, and there are many ways they can be damaged or lost. Bad weather, bad drivers on the road, and even bad luck can damage or total any of your trucks in an accident. Theft is yet another risk. You also understand that setting aside money to cover the […]

What to Keep in Mind as You’re Reviewing or Changing Your Semi Truck Insurance

The trucking business is constantly changing. The cargo and routes you transport one year might be completely different the next, and your semi truck insurance should change alongside your business. By reviewing your policy every year, or whenever you note a major shift in the size, sector, or common regions of your business, you can make sure you’re getting the coverage you need. Here’s a […]

Lower Your Trucking Insurance with Windstorm Safety in Illinois

Illinois is one of the top five states when it comes to wind and hail damage because of its forceful wind storms and wild weather. Wind, in particular, can pose a large amount of danger to truck drivers making their way through the state. Here are a few steps to keep your truck and trailer safe during windy routes and keep your insurance premiums low: […]

Five More Months Until Proposed Deadline of Mandated Login for All Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released a federal mandate requiring all truck drivers to electronically document driving hours, but so far the administration has not released a plan on that requirement will be monitored. There are fewer than five months until the deadline for all truckers to switch from paper to electronics, and the mandate is supposed to go into effect and be enforced […]

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