3 ways to Protect Your Company from Cargo Theft

Cargo theft went down last year, with SensiGuard reporting a 19% decrease from 2017. But that doesn’t mean the threat of cargo theft is going away. It can cost you money, reputation, and contracts with valuable distributors. Theft can also put your drivers at risk. The best way to protect your company and your drivers from cargo theft risks is with active prevention. Here are three steps that provide you with a better defense:

1. Establish a good rapport with all of your drivers and train them.

When drivers are out on the road by themselves, it’s important that they feel comfortable calling the central office when something goes wrong. So establish a policy for what drivers can do if they think they’re being followed or if they’re reaching the end of their daily driving limit in an isolated area. A clear procedure and someone else on the line can help drivers respond safely, especially if they’re new.

2. Install visible security measures.

Just like with any security measures, you want to make it clear to potential thieves that the cargo is protected without sharing what the cargo is. So minimize branding or visible cues that specify what cargo is likely to be on board. Most criminals like for either high-value goods like electronics or cigarettes or products that can’t be easily tracked such as produce.

Then add visible security such as better padlocks, lights, and even motion sensors or cameras. These signs of protection will make most criminals move on, especially if they don’t know that the cargo is worth the risk.

3. Protect your company with a good policy.

At the end of the day, it’s better to let thieves drive away with stolen cargo than to try and take it back. But it might not feel that way if you’re an owner-operator in the heat of the moment and you’re losing a lot of money. Protect your company and yourself with cargo coverage so you can file a claim once you’re safe.

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David Ott

David Ott

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