Does your Brand Need Cargo Insurance?

You’ve made all the right moves so far and have enough liability and property damage coverage on your commercial vehicles, but what about the cargo those trucks carry? Learning more about cargo insurance is essential if you haul items for others or even deliver your own items.

What could go wrong?

A quick look into the typical cargo losses experienced by just about every fleet eventually reveals the need for full coverage for this costly category. As a commercial fleet, you could face losses for a variety of reasons, including:

Theft: Driver breaks and downtime are mandatory, and your business is in full compliance — but those breaks leave your trucks exposed to anyone with burglar tools and a bad motive. Locks and alarms help, but a determined criminal will find a way in eventually, particularly if your fleet vehicles are parked overnight for rest breaks. Cargo insurance can cover you for the losses you’ve incurred after a theft.

Reefer Truck Woes: Whether you deliver cakes for your own catering brand or transport medication, electronics or other perishable goods for someone else, a breakdown of your reefer van is a true cargo emergency. The moment the van becomes incapacitated, the clock starts ticking on those less than durable goods. An entire load can be lost in minutes on a hot summer day, leaving your brand with a massive loss.

Damage: An accident can harm more than the working parts of your truck; if contents are tossed around or thrown from the vehicle at speed, they will no longer be saleable or acceptable to the end user. Even if the accident could not be avoided and your vehicle is covered, your cargo may not be.

Understanding how many things can go wrong with not just your vehicle and team, but with your cargo as well ensures you have the full picture needed to make a wise decision about cargo insurance and coverage. Contact us to learn more about this essential protection and to take steps now to get the coverage your brand needs. You’ll love the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are fully covered for any possible issue with your (or someone else’s) products and cargo.

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David Ott

David Ott

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