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Florida Rig Insurance Provider’s Suggestions on Downed Power Line Safety

For access reasons, power lines are found along most roads and highways. If an accident causes your tractor-trailer rig to collide with a power pole with sufficient force, it can bring power lines down on the rig. Getting out of your vehicle, which is the usual thing to do in an accident, can cause electrocution. Roadside power lines typically carry about 7,200 volts of electricity, […]

How the Commercial or Owner Operator Trucker Can Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

If you drive at night or have been winter driving extensively in the northern states, and you’re feeling moody, irritable, anxious, low on energy, unproductive, and find it difficult to get up in the morning, then you may have seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a type of depression caused by getting insufficient sunlight, and afflicts people between 15 and 55 years of age. Your […]

Six Tips for Commercial or Owner Operator Truckers on Spotting Drunk Drivers

Drunk drivers endanger everyone on the road including commercial or owner operator truck drivers. You will likely encounter them during the night hours, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Be especially watchful between 1 am and 3 am. This is the time when parties wind down and bars close. The drunk driver’s impaired state means he or she could stop suddenly in front of you, […]

Blind Spot Detection Tips for the Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Driver

If you’ve been a commercial or owner operator truck driver for any length of time, you’re likely aware of your rig’s blind spots and should know how to change lanes and make turns without endangering the traffic around you. While this is important, an awareness of the blind spots of others on the road is equally important. One rule that works most of the time […]

Owner Operators: Why You Need Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

When owner operator truck drivers work for motor carriers as independent contractors, the carrier provides the liability and cargo insurance coverage. However, once you have completed your service to the carrier, you are no longer operating under their direction or getting paid for your services. In other words, you are no longer under dispatch. This often happens after dropping off a loaded trailer and you are […]

Rig Insurance South Carolina: The Danger of Bubbles in Tire Sidewalls

When doing a pre-trip inspection on his commercial or owner operator truck, the truck driver can fall into a routine where he quickly glances at the usual areas on his tires that he habitually checks while not noticing other areas. For example, some drivers may only look at the tread while failing to look closely at the sidewalls for signs of bulges or bubbles. This […]

Three Reasons Commercial or Owner Operator Truckers Have Night Vision Problems

The commercial or owner operator truck driver’s occupation can take its toll on night vision. Long hours on the road over the years expose the trucker to harsh lighting, a poor diet, and lack of exercise. On top of these are the inevitable effects of getting older. Over time, all of these factors diminish your ability to see at night. If you are starting to […]

How UV Radiation Affects Commercial or Owner Operator Truckers

As a commercial or owner operator truck driver you might think that your sun exposure is limited to the time spent outside your rig. However, most of your exposure to damaging ultraviolet (UV) light occurs while inside your truck. While it is true that the windshield blocks virtually all UV radiation, the same can’t be said about your side window. There’s a reason why the […]

Commercial Truck Insurance South Carolina: How to Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are making a comeback, possibly because of increased resistance to insecticides, and from international travelers. They can infest the cleanest of motels or hotels. Even some of the most expensive places have had them. They are 3/16 – 1/4 inch long (apple seed sized) with a brown, flattened, oval-shaped body. They feed off human blood, but unlike lice, do not reside on your person after […]

The Attractions of Being a Truck Driver

There are many truck drivers out there who like their work, are good at what they do, and have few regrets about their profession. Of course, there are others who quickly discover that the truck driving life is not for them. The difference between the two is that those who love their work are drawn more strongly to the attractions of their career than repelled or […]

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