The Attractions of Being a Truck Driver

There are many truck drivers out there who like their work, are good at what they do, and have few regrets about their profession. Of course, there are others who quickly discover that the truck driving life is not for them. The difference between the two is that those who love their work are drawn more strongly to the attractions of their career than repelled or discouraged by its drawbacks. Here are three of these attractions:

The Enjoyment of Traveling with a Purpose

It’s fun taking a summer off to explore the country. But eventually the novelty of being on the road wears off and the traveler soon wants to get on with their life. Truck driving gives you both. You get to travel, sometimes to faraway places, but at the same time your way of life gives you a sense of purpose because you are providing a valuable service the country needs. Cities would literally shut down in a matter of weeks if trucking were to stop. You are both indulging in your wanderlust and providing for yourself and your family at the same time. For some, travel always feels good and you are one of these people.

The Satisfaction of Independence and Self-Reliance

Some people require and even seek out constant hand holding. They don’t like working out problems themselves and are perfectly comfortable having a supervisor looking over their shoulder and telling them exactly what to do. This isn’t you. Your dispatcher gives you the task that you must do, but how you go about it is your problem. You decide the route and how you go about your day. Your job is about self-reliance and the freedom to use your own judgment to make things happen. Your success or failure at transporting a load is largely in your hands, and that’s just fine with you.

The Security of Having a Job Skill in High Demand

Truck driving is one of those jobs that’s impossible to outsource overseas. There is a driver shortage now, and with a couple of years of experience, you can be confident of finding work with great pay anywhere in the country. If you’re a professional with an excellent record, trucking companies will want you and will compensate you well to get you to work for them.

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