The Importance of Commercial Truck Maintenance.

Keeping a commercial truck in proper working condition is a major commitment, and it is one that requires a significant amount of knowledge and understanding. Unfortunately, not everyone who is an owner of a commercial truck or a fleet of trucks understands the best route to take when it comes to truck maintenance and repair.  Company fleets and driver-owned commercial trucks are sometimes neglected because […]

Commercial Truck Insurance: Do You Have A Preventative Maintenance Plan?

Does your Georgia business depend on a fleet of commercial trucks? Unfortunately, breakdowns are a reality for many businesses, and it is something you may have already dealt with multiple times this year.   Commercial truck breakdowns can become very costly. When a breakdown occurs, you will not only have to worry about paying for the repairs, maintenance, or replacement of parts, but you will also […]

Protect Your Business With Tow Truck Insurance

Due to all the hazards and risks that can be associated with the operation of a tow truck, finding the right tow truck insurance is highly important. Tow truck companies will need to have a customized tow truck insurance policy in place so they will be protected from the variety of risks they will face every time they are on the road. The financial risks […]

Rollover Prevention Saves Lives and Keeps Your Rig Insurance Low

Which is the more serious situation, a jackknife or a rollover? Answer: a rollover is by far the worst scenario. If you react quickly, you can take corrective action and recover from a jackknife. This isn’t the case with a rollover. Because your trailer is more top-heavy than your tractor, it will start tipping first, and by the time you feel the tractor tipping, the […]

Truck Liability Insurance: Two Important Considerations You Need to Think About

For some people, truck driving is a great way of life. There’s no office politics and you don’t have to deal with a boss every day who watches your every move. You’re paid to travel, the work requires self-sufficiency, and your job makes a real difference. The economy depends on the services you do. However, things can go wrong. Very wrong, as a matter of […]

Cargo Insurance: Four Security Measures to Prevent Cargo Theft

The value of cargo hauled in a semi-truck can range in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. For thieves, a trailer full of cargo is a soft target compared to a store with its security systems and police surveillance. For example, a trailer parked overnight in a dark and unsecured area gives a thief plenty of time to break inside and remove the cargo, or […]

Three Mistakes to Avoid as a New Florida Commercial Truck Driver

As a new commercial truck driver, you have a higher risk of getting into an accident than other more experienced drivers. Your employer understands this but decided to take a chance and hire you nonetheless. Your first year or so on the road will be difficult until you get the hang of operating your rig safely and effectively. To help you through this difficult time, […]

Keep Your Rig Insurance Low by Avoiding Common Flatbed Trucking Hazards

Flatbed trucking is not considered an easy job in the trucking industry. It has most of the risks associated with dry van trucking and then some. If you’re new to commercial trucking, you might wonder why pulling a trailer without walls or a ceiling is so difficult and hazardous. The main reason is you can’t afford to get sloppy with cargo securement when loose cargo […]

Iowa Truck Insurance: The Trucking Hazards of Winter

Winter driving is hazardous for all motor vehicles and especially so for large tractor-trailer rigs. Eighty thousand pounds of truck doesn’t stop on a dime even in the summer, let alone on a snow and ice-covered road during a snow storm. Any attempts at hard braking or swerving in these conditions will only initiate a jackknife followed by a trucking accident that can devastate or […]

Treat Every Day Like Brake Safety Day to Keep Your Insurance Rates Low

Safety violations can have long-term ramifications on both your CDL and your trucking insurance. Pre-inspections before each trip can help you catch lost reflector tape, broken lights, and worn tires before inspectors do. It can also help you monitor changes in your braking systems, which is the key area of focus for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Operation Airbrake Program. On September 7, 2017, the […]

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