Commercial Truck Broke Down?

Let’s be honest, for most truckers, the bottom line for their business is the commercial truck insurance premium. The last thing a trucker wants is to pay more money for commercial truck insurance when they feel confident in their driving skills and has never had an accident. How many truckers really read their commercial truck insurance policy? Now, when you
have an accident and something isn’t covered is when the reading gets started. Take a moment to read your policy BEFORE you have an accident, you will notice coverage’s are different for every policy and majority of policies do NOT cover emergency roadside assistance when there has not been an accident.

The semi truck insurance company is there for you in the time of a claim, whether it be small or large, and let’s hope
the large claim never happens. Your commercial truck insurance is not there to help you with the possible mechanical issues that might arise during your business. Sometimes, small charges can add up in the event of misfortune and can
really hit your wallet at the wrong time.

One way to help out with those possible small charges can be being pro-active and purchasing a Commercial Truck and Trailer Emergency Roadside Assistance policy. It can give you peace of mind 24 hours and nationwide. Whether your semi truck is stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire in Florida or have a mechanical issue in  Texas, for a small $299.00 premium a year, or better than that break it out into payments at $24.00 a month, you can be
covered for tire replacement, flat tire assistance, jump start, lockout, fuel delivery service, and even a mobile mechanic service.

$299.00 a year, I know, I know, it sounds like more money, but ONE tow service on the side of the road would definitely put you over the $299.00 yearly fee. Take a moment and link up on our website at
to learn more and sign up with a great semi truck insurance program that can save you money.