Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance In Illinois

We understand that running your own trucking company or logistics company is not going to be the easiest thing you have ever done. Many times, there will be a variety of hurdles and challenges that you will run into as you make your way through the entire process. As an insurance company that understands trucking, we have had many conversations from owners who think they will have to put their dreams on hold because they cannot find insurance or they are not sure where to start.

Many owners will begin calling multiple insurance agencies in a search for commercial or owner operator truck insurance. If they are not turned down at the very beginning, they will usually be given a variety of pricing options they are unable to manage or they will be hit with a variety of risk management strategies they lack knowledge of. There are many insurance agencies that do not have enough resources that will allow them to work with trucking. When something unfortunate does happen and you need help, we know you do not want to hear about how you are now uninsurable or that your insurance rates will increase significantly.

Thankfully, there are many insurance agencies that are in the business to help people just like you. Even the owners who are seen as being high-risk will be taken care of because the insurance companies know exactly how to handle those risks. If you begin to think you are uninsurable, we encourage you to find an insurance company who can approach the situation with confidence and will implant the confidence in you that you can continue your dream of being a commercial or owner operator.

Despite what many people may think, there are insurance carriers who have the tools and resources that are developed to help you obtain the insurance you need. At J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC, our team is ready to help you succeed in your career and reducing any risks that may arise. Do not lose hope when a few mistakes are made along the way. The fate of your dream business and the ability to obtain insurance will not be determined by those mistakes.

If you are ready to discover the options you thought no longer existed for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer insurance for commercial trucks in Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska

David Ott

David Ott

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