Owner Operator Insurance

Are You A New Owner-Operator In Florida?

When you first begin your job as an owner-operator, searching for truck insurance in Florida can definitely seem confusing. While you do not have to become a specialist or an expert in insurance, you do need to learn the basic requirements of commercial or owner operator truck insurance for Florida. Familiarize Yourself With The Terms You will also need to understand the common terminology of […]

What Factors Can Impact Your Commercial Truck Insurance?

Nebraska truck drivers face many things they are not able to control as they attempt to get from Point A to Point B with the cargo they are carrying. Some obstacles that are faced on a daily basis include unpredictable weather conditions, traffic, road construction, and a long list of more.  One of the things that Nebraska truck drivers can control is the type of […]

Find Success As An Owner-Operator In Texas

When you were thinking about starting an owner-operator career in Texas, what were some of your goals or focuses? One of your main focuses as an owner-operator was likely turning a profit and being a success. You probably also had dreams about having a long and satisfying career, right? Being an owner-operator in any state is more complex than many people actually realize. It takes […]

Commercial Truck Insurance: Think Like A Business Owner

When you first entered the trucking business in Tennessee, you had a long list of visions of all the wonderful and exciting things the industry would have to offer. As an owner-operator, you would be the one making the decisions and calling the big shots. You would also be traveling the country while earning a nice income.  In order for this to happen, everything would […]

Finding Commercial Truck Insurance As A New Driver

Today, the world is inundated with commercials from truck insurance companies. All of the commercials we see show each agency claiming to have the best truck insurance policies for the best prices. With so many commercials and so many claims, how can you make an informed decision? We hope to provide you with advice that will help you find your way through the overwhelming process […]

Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance And Tornado Season

Georgia and other southern states have experienced an incredible amount of severe weather, including tornadoes this tornado season. The rounds of severe weather and tornadoes began in March, and they are still ongoing. While there is a known tornado season, we all know that a tornado can happen during any month of the year, and sometimes many are not prepared for the impact of a […]

Florida Owner Operator Insurance Topics: What’s Up With Oil Prices?

Fluctuating oil prices affect everyone! From the elderly grandmother’s heating bill to commuters heading to work, to fleet managers and Florida owner-operators fueling their rigs every day to deliver the groceries and goods our nation depends upon — we’re all impacted by an unstable oil market.  At J.E.B Insurance Services LLC, our customers are Florida’s owner operators and fleet managers. Here, we’ll explain what’s going on in […]

Commercial Drivers and Owner Operators: Protect Yourself From Scams

There are numerous stories in the trucking industry that involve carriers believing they have transported a load they believed to be legitimate, but ultimately realized they were a target in a scam. Generally, a fraudster pinpoints truck drivers in various scams because of the large size of the truck and the numerous commercial truck insurance requirements. When the drivers realize they hauled a load they […]

New Venture Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Insurance Tennessee

Finding and securing the right commercial truck insurance in Tennessee for your business can be a new challenge. This challenge can be expanded if you are attempting to secure insurance for a new venture. The commercial trucking industry can be one of the most strained markets today. It is important that you have a new venture truck insurance policy.  A new venture trucking insurance policy […]

Owner Operator Truck Insurance Options In Nebraska

Have you been the transition from a paid trucker in Nebraska to an owner-operator in Nebraska? If so, we want to take this time to congratulate you. Being an owner-operator is a major step. It will not matter if you have one truck or if you are on your way to having multiple trucks. Once you make the decision to become an owner-operator, the only […]

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