Securing Insurance For Independent Drivers

Across the map, experienced and knowledgeable commercial trucking companies are aware they have to operate with auto, physical damage, cargo insurance, and more in order to full protect their drivers. However, sometimes the regulations and requirements are not always followed when it comes to independent truck drivers. 

While an independent truck driver is not a W2 employee, this does not mean the trucking company should not feel the rules and requirements do not apply to them if their truck driver is involved in an accident. If a truck driver does not have the right independent contractor insurance in place, the trucking company may find itself spending a significant amount of money for the driver’s medical expenses.

Many motor carriers have achieved great results by using the services of independent truckers, and this has become a business model for many companies as a substitute for finding a team of full-time employees. Even if a trucking company decides to only hire independent truckers, sufficient insurance coverage can still be obtained.

A motor carrier has to fully understand the rules that have been set in the industry in regard to independent truckers. If the rules are not understood and followed, motor carriers can run the risk of the independent truck drivers being listed as a full-time employee.

When an independent truck driver is listed as a full-time employee, this means the truck driver will be entitled to receive the benefits a full-time driver would receive. Independent truck drivers could also make an attempt to take advantage of their classification after being involved in an accident, and this attempt could lead to one seeking a claim for workers’ compensation.

A trucking company should also have requirements for independent truck drivers when it comes to education and training. When independent truck drivers experience the same training and education as other drivers, everyone will be on the same page, regardless of one’s classification.

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David Ott

David Ott