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Stay Safe on the Road This Fall & Winter: Tips for Commercial Truck Drivers

As the leaves begin to change color and fall from the trees, fall brings with it a whole new set of driving hazards. From slippery roads to decreased visibility, there are a few things commercial truckers need to watch out for when hitting the open road this fall As commercial truckers are more likely to be on the road during these hazardous conditions, it’s important […]

The 10 Types of Commercial Truck Insurance and their Requirements

Are you an investor or venturing into the commercial trucking industry and seeking a reputable insurance service provider? Do you know the different types of commercial truck insurance and their requirements? Commercial truck insurance is a legal requirement for any small business or owner-operator providing trucking services.  Insurance coverage is one of the most expensive costs for truck owners. The premiums need significant upfront cash and […]

Tips to Be Successful as an Owner Operator

Being an owner operator sounds like a dream for many commercial truck drivers. You get to choose your truck, loads, and how often you want to be home. You can even switch it up if you want! However, just wanting it isn’t enough. You have to work hard to be successful at this career.  Here are some tips to help owner operators become successful.  Show […]

Commercial Truck Driver: Tips to Drive Safely in the Winter

Unfortunately, if you are a commercial truck driver, there are no such thing as snow days. You are expected to deliver the goods, no matter what the weather is. You will have to work when it is cold outside. The snow and ice may slow you down, but you are still going to need to be able to get behind the wheel and move goods […]

Tips to Start Off Successfully as an Owner Operator

Becoming an owner operator can be a great way to build a career. You can pick and choose your loads, deciding whether you want to come home every night, stay on the road for a few weeks, or even go back and forth! You get to choose the truck that you want to spend your time in, and fix it up to make it yours.  […]

Common Problems When Loading Your Truck and Trailer 

When you are a commercial truck driver, whether you load up your trailer or not, you need to make sure that it is done properly. If not, it will be a struggle to get your load where it needs to go. You may find yourself having trouble going up hills, slowing down, or even making turns. The worst case scenario, you may end up losing […]

Tips to Avoid Driving Distracted In Your Truck

One of the common causes of accidents are due to distracted driving. While this means texting and driving, the truth is that there are many ways that drivers can become distracted while driving. They can take their hands off of the wheel, their eyes off of the road, and even take their mind off of their task at hand (driving).  This is even worse when […]

Everything You Ought To Know About Buying Commercial Truck Insurance

An accident or a lawsuit can devastate your trucking business. Companies need protection against unexpected conditions with effective insurance coverage matching owner-operator truckers’ risks. As an owner-operator, you may think you can leave everything that has to do with insurance to your broker; this is not the best thing to do if you want to maximize the protection of your trucking business. Primary liability coverage […]

Will FMCSA ELDTs Affect Rig Insurance Prices?

Will FMCSA ELDTs Affect Rig Insurance Prices? The transportation industry is evolving. And eventually, rig insurance may need to evolve, too. In February 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) set new Entry Level Driver Training requirements (ELDTs, not to be confused with new electric log device or ELD requirements.)  Fleet managers and owner-operators think these new courses should effect trucker insurance premiums. You are correct to believe that […]

Defensive Driving Techniques For Truck Drivers

Your number one priority as a commercial truck driver is to stay safe. One of the best ways to do this is by driving defensively. It allows you to defend yourself against other drivers, who may or may not be paying attention to the road and you. It can also help you avoid accidents due to the weather and unforeseen circumstances.  So, how can you […]

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