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Optimize Your Food Truck Business with Refrigerated Trailers

Food trucks in the right places can be extremely profitable. High-traffic areas, lunch rushes, and festivals are all great opportunities to rapidly sell meals until your supplies run out and you have to go buy more. Of course, you don’t have to run out. Food trucks inherently have a limited amount of storage space for ingredients, and typically a truck will send staff to the store or supplier location multiple times a day to restock.

However, with a refrigerated trailer, your food truck could keep serving all day without a break in the flow or a single disappointed customer. Let’s take a closer look at how to maximize your food truck business with a reefer trailer parked nearby.

Store Your Day’s Ingredients On-Site

Your food truck sells products on-site. That’s the greatest benefit of a food truck; to bring food where it is most in-demand, even if there are no restaurants or shops nearby. But to sell meals and snacks, you need your ingredients on, site as well. A refrigerated (reefer) trailer makes it possible to store all the ingredients you’ll need for the day on-site in a portable walk-in cooler.

On-site products are particularly useful when your food truck is positioned at a festival or event that may be far from any local grocery or your HQ cooler location.

Skip Trips to the Store: Save Time, Fuel, and Money

Many food trucks rely on a restock-based business model. When ingredients start to run low, you send an employee to pick up more from the nearest store or your central location. However, this kind of delay has costs in time, fuel, and employee time not spend serving up high-speed lunches.

A refrigerated truck means you can stock up at the beginning of the day and skip all those extra restock trips. No need to visit the store over and over to keep your food truck stocked. You can send an employee a few steps out to your portable walk-in cooler instead and restock instantly without ever really running out.

Never Run Out or Risk Disappointing Customers

Not running out is also important to your customers. Customers are disappointed if they get to your truck (or worse, the front of a long line) only to hear that you’re out of the dish they want. They’ll often remember this disappointment and seek other options that day and in the future. But with a reefer trailer, you can restock before any ingredient is gone inside the truck, ensuring that every single customer enjoys the full selection of your food truck menu.

Customers will remember your truck as a reliable favorite source of lunch, coming back again and again solo or with friends for a meal that is always there for them.

Food Safety and Insurance Benefits

Food truck insurance can be tricky to navigate. Your liability is hinged on food safety, so pairing a refrigerated trailer with your food truck is an excellent way to ensure that all your ingredients stay at the optimal temperature throughout the day. Your reefer trailer ensures that even in the heat of summer, nothing has a chance to get warm going to and from the store or waiting on the make table. It also reduces the need to move the truck during the day, which increases your overall safety.

Brand Your Reefer Trailer for Additional Signage

You can use your reefer trailer to increase your food truck’s visibility and draw. Using decals, you can brand the side of your refrigerated trailer for additional signage. You can park the truck and trailer together to create a larger footprint, or park at a right-angle and string a shady awning between for the enjoyment of your customers.

A reefer trailer offers a great square footage for branding and can become an eye-catching wall of advertisement for your food truck in key locations. It not only expands your ability to serve all day, it can also help bring in more customers who spot your truck from a distance

Optimize Your Food Truck Business

Food truck operators work hard to maximize their sales with the best food in the best locations. A refrigerated trailer is a great way to ensure you can stake out your best spot, keep your employees making food instead of emergency shopping, and secure your food safety protocols from dawn to dusk.

If you are running a food truck and need owner operator insurance, contact us today for tips and policy estimates. We are licensed in Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois & Nebraska.

David Ott

David Ott