Texas Tow Truck Insurance Topics: Understanding TX CE Requirements

At J.E.B. Insurance, we help Texas tow truck drivers and fleet managers get the insurance they need! And as Texas insurance professionals, we know all about continuing education (CE). But we’re not the only ones needing ongoing CE in The Lone Star State, tow truck drivers need it too! 

With this article we’ll cover tow truck driver CE requirements (current as of January 2020.) We’ll also provide you a list of links where you can find the CE courses you need.

Texas Tow Truck CE Requirements

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation requires that all Tow truck operators complete 4 hours of CE every year to renew their license.

For tow truck operators, CE courses must include: 

Additionally, Incident Management (IM) towing operator licensees renewing for the first time in Texas, need to finish an eight-hour professional development course. Those eight hours must include:

  • a minimum of two hours of live demonstration and hands-on style training
  • a minimum of two hours of classroom time
  • and the remaining hours can be a combination of either classroom-style learning or live demonstrations

TX Tow Truck Drivers Are Responsible For Reporting CE Hours

It’s vital to know that it’s not the training organization’s responsibility to track and report your CE. Need to see if your CE has been filed and accepted? Check here.

CE Providers for Texas-Based Tow Truck Drivers

Need CE? We found a few sources for you. Since the state must approve all course work, any of these courses will qualify:

At J.E.B. Insurance, our mission is to provide quality insurance for Texas big rig drivers, fleet managers and tow operators. We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog about Texas CE requirements. Contact us for a tow truck insurance quote today! We provide tow truck insurance in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, Nebraska & Illinois.

David Ott

David Ott