Policies Included in Tow Truck Insurance

Tow truck business owners make money by towing disabled vehicles. Tow truck businesses, for example, rotational towing, roadside service providers, and auto club contractors should have tow truck insurance.

There are many hazards faced by commercial tow truck drivers. The hazards include occupational injuries, injuries as a result of being hit by other vehicles, injuries from broken glass and dangers relating to bad weather.

Tow truck insurance entities understand the risks that you face and provide coverage policies with different options. The many options give you a choice to build a policy that meets your classifiable needs.

It is a requirement for you to carry liability insurance. Given that you are responsible for the wellbeing of other road users and the vehicles you are towing, there is need for you to get additional types of coverage. In this regard, your policy may include:

Physical Damage Insurance

This helps when your truck is damaged and is required by lenders in case you financed the purchase of your truck.

Medical Payments Insurance

This covers medical expenses if you or any passenger is injured while in your tow truck.

Tow Truck Liability Insurance

This covers for any injuries or damage to property that you may cause. The minimum amounts payable in this policy are per state laws.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage covers any damages other than collision, and this might include vandalism and natural disasters.

On-hook Towing Insurance

This is a specific coverage designed for you and other operators in your tow truck. It is meant to cater for the expenses relating to damage on a vehicle while you are towing it.

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David Ott

David Ott