Secure Fleet Truck Insurance For Your Commercial Vehicles

One of the biggest benefits of fleet insurance is that it can cover a range of vehicles. Yes, a variety of vehicles can be covered under one insurance policy. When a claim is filed, the process through the claims administration should be a smooth and easy process. The process will be more efficient than a claim that is filed through another process.

Fleet insurance policies will eliminate a significant portion of the worries and burdens of handling multiple insurance policies that will cover each commercial truck you have. Can you imagine how much stress you will be under when you are trying to juggle multiple insurance policies for your entire fleet?

Fleet insurance will effectively cover all the commercial trucks and ensure that all of your trucks will be outlined in the insurance policy. Another key benefit of fleet insurance is that drivers who may have faced difficulties finding insurance under an individual policy will have the coverage they need under the fleet insurance policy. 

A fleet insurance policy will provide these drivers with a way to acquire coverage. A fleet insurance policy will also give them something to add to their insurance policy history, and this will prove effective when the driver wants to obtain an individual policy sometime in the future. Insurance companies that provide fleet insurance to companies will obtain information about previous history and experiences in order to determine the final cost of the policy.

Before agreeing to any fleet insurance policy, it is important to undergo a thorough process and disclose any relevant information that can have an impact on the insurance policy. It is important to ask questions that relate to the following:

  • Coverage for the trucks, trailers, accessories, etc.
  • The ability to go through a smooth and efficient claims process
  • Coverage related to towing costs
  • The availability of roadside assistance
  • Liability insurance coverage
  • Coverage outside of specific areas

If you are in charge of a fleet, it is important that you are able to secure the right commercial fleet insurance policy. Contact us today for more information on fleet insurance and the type of coverage we can provide at J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC.

David Ott

David Ott