Perils Drivers of Commercial Trucks Go Through in Texas

Commercial Trucking can at times be a dangerous occupation. Hazards abound, and injuries are more frequent on the job than you can experience in most other professions. At the very top of the list in regards to dangers is commercial transportation. The rate of fatality is concerning, and it is essential for you to understand the causes and efforts put in place to reverse this alarming trend in Texas.

Demand for Truckers

To paint the right picture, you have to understand the shortage of truckers is not only limited to Texas; it is a countrywide problem. As a result, the demand for truckers is high, and subsequent remuneration is reasonable.

With retirement rate taking away a large portion of the commercial trucking workforce, this encourages new inexperienced entrants into the industry. With a reduced number of qualified drivers on the road, shifts are more prolonged, stressful, and exhausting. These factors contribute to trucking dangers all the time.

Importance of Truckers

How vital is commercial transportation for the Texan economy you may ask? The Texan community relies heavily on truckers to deliver supplies needed from all over the nation. The frequency of these deliveries is not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Moreover, the cropping up of online shops like Amazon is propelling the need for truckers. A slight shortage of drivers will result in price hikes of goods in addition to a lack of supplies.

Efforts to Ensure Trucker’s Safety

If you consider the contributing factors to most accidents, you realize they are no different from what you would expect in any other working environment. In short, you can absolve commercial transport truck drivers of most blame given the conditions. It is therefore essential to look at how the fatal incidents can significantly decrease.

  • Regulation: In particular, the number of hours a driver is on the road. This shift can work both sides, on the work front appeal, and the humane need part because the truckers also have families.
  • Technology: Current innovative software programs can assist drivers in addition to monitor their alertness. The use of technology should, however, be moderated to ensure that it is not too intrusive leading to backfiring of the effort.


You can’t deny the critical role commercial transportation performs every single day to make your lives more comfortable. It is therefore essential that every effort should not be spared to ensure they are safely happy on the road! Contact us for more info.

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