High-Impact Safety Habits for Low Tow Truck Insurance Rates

Tow truck insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Out of all the factors that impact rates, safety may be the easiest to control. If you want to save money, it’s imperative to take active measures to prevent accidents. By taking care of your truck and your body, you’ll be able to operate safely while minimizing the risk of a claim.

Stay Hydrated to Reduce Tow Truck Insurance Premiums

Long drives can take a toll on your body and mind. Remaining aware and attentive is critical, especially in moments where a split second reaction could mean the difference between rear-ending the vehicle in front of your or reaching your destination on time. Many drivers rely on caffeine sources such as coffee and energy drinks to stay awake, but caffeine can also dehydrate you.

Dehydration can cause fatigue, drowsiness, and confusion. Falling asleep behind the wheel can quite easily lead to a catastrophic accident. If you’re lucky enough to survive, you’ll have to deal with a significant hike in your tow truck insurance while you hope your insurer doesn’t non-renew your policy.

Confusion can lead to missed exits and difficulty navigating the road. Being lost can add unnecessary mileage to your trip increasing wear and tear on your truck and potentially leading you down routes poorly suited for large trucks.

Stop Fast + See Well = Lower Tow Truck Insurance Rates

Communicating your intentions, effective braking, and visibility are paramount to safely operating a tow truck and ensuring these aspects are operating at their best can help keep you and your truck safe.

Check your turn signals before departing. If the vehicles around you don’t know your intentions, you have greater odds of a vehicle entering the lane while you’re switching or spending excessive time in your blind spot.

You can’t avoid what you can’t see. Keep your windows clean and don’t let the wiper fluid reservoir fall below half way.

Don’t wait to replace your brakes. Tow trucks are already heavy vehicles, and when you add the weight of the vehicle you’re transporting, it’s no surprise brakes get worn quickly.

Maybe, if you’re a commercial tow truck driver in Florida where it’s often extremely hot, your brakes will wear out even faster. New brakes may not be cheap, but neither is an increase in your tow truck insurance after you rear-end a vehicle.

Inspect Tow Truck Cables & Tie Downs

Don’t let worn cables or vehicle tie-downs cause a claim. In addition to the effect on insurance, imagine how your reputation would be affected if you fail at your primary objective. A broken cable or poorly attached hook could lead to additional damage to the client’s vehicle, your truck, and surrounding traffic.

A few simple steps can prevent a laundry list of potential claims and life jeopardizing events. Staying attentive, noticed, and able to stop should be the cornerstone of your new safety regimen.

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