Iowa Semi Truck & Insurance News: Iowa Wins $33.4 Million For Bridges

Iowa Semi Truck & Insurance News: Iowa Wins $33.4 Million Federal Grant For Bridges

Iowa semi truck insurance provider J.E.B. Insurance is thrilled to announce that Iowa will be able to repair more than 70 questionable bridges with a grant of more than $33 million USD.

Poor Bridges in Iowa

The Des Moines Register reports that as of September, 2019, 71 bridges currently sit in poor condition with 50 of them completely unable to support heavy loads. As they stand today semi trucks, tractors, heavy equipment and other oversize loads are forced to detour around the dangerous bridges.

  • During the next 5 years a total of 77 bridges will be brought from poor and fair condition to “good” condition.

$33 Million is a Lot of Cheddar!

But is it enough? Here at J.E.B Insurance our business is insuring Iowa professional drivers. We know drivers face the reality of stressful and time consuming detours all day long, because we talk with truckers every day. We understand just how big of an impact 77 improved bridges in good condition will make! Both to your paycheck and quality of life.

However, bridge improvement is an ongoing process in Iowa where inclement weather, ice and salt take their toll on bridges. Aside from the transport business, Iowa’s bridges are there for day-to-day commuters and interstate travelers too, meaning these repairs are absolutely crucial to both interstate and intrastate commerce.

  • Historically, the complete repair of a single bridge can costs tens of millions of dollars. Particularly high traffic bridges can cost as much as $70 million to $150 million each to retrofit / renovate.

Iowa Semi Truck Driver Resources

Drivers can certainly expect some traffic hiccups for the next five years or so. The state of Iowa boasts more than 24,000 bridges to navigate, but drivers in The Hawkeye State have resources they can use to plan their routes:

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David Ott

David Ott