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New Focus on Underride Wrecks Could Affect Commercial Truck Insurance

Underride wrecks occur when a passenger vehicle crashes into the rear or side of a commercial truck and slides under it due to speed and velocity. As a CDL driver, you’re already aware of these dangerous accidents. Your truck is equipped with a rear underrun protection system, commonly known as a Mansfield bar after the death of Jayne Mansfield.  Recent research suggests these accidents may be more […]

The Effect of Load Types on Insurance Costs for Commercial Truckers

The types of loads that commercial truckers haul can have a significant impact on insurance costs. Insurance companies take into account the risks associated with different kinds of cargo when determining premiums. From general freight to hazardous materials, each load type comes with its own set of risks and insurance considerations. Truckers carrying higher-risk loads will generally pay more for insurance coverage. Whether you’re an owner-operator or […]

Bobtail Insurance: Your Safety Net for Fall Trucking Challenges

When autumn leaves begin to drop in the great state of Texas, new road hazards emerge for commercial truck drivers. Cooler weather, earlier nightfall, and unpredictable conditions present new risks. Having comprehensive bobtail insurance in Texas is crucial to safely navigating the unique challenges of driving during this time of the year. Fortunately, bobtail policies provide coverage when trucks are operating without a trailer attached. Bobtail insurance […]

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