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Tips to Choose the Right Driver to Team Up With

Commercial truck team driving is becoming more and more popular with truckers. They can earn more money because they can spend more time on the road. If they are struggling to drive, they can take a quick break while their partner drives. They also have someone to talk to, so that they aren’t lonely.  All in all, it can be a great thing for many […]

Pros and Cons of Commercial Truck Team Driving

Though many people haven’t heard of the term team driving, the truth is that it can be a great thing for many over the road truck drivers. It means that two people take turns driving so that they can reach their destination faster. Many couples have taken to driving as a team so that they can spend more time together, but there are plenty of […]

Commercial Truck Tires: Signs You Need New Tires

There is nothing more important than your tires when you are driving a commercial truck and trailer. The better your tires are, the easier your trip will be. If your tires are getting older, you may experience vibrations and other uncomfortable conditions. You are also more likely to have a blow out, which could cause an accident. Because of this, it is important to know […]

Bookkeeping Tips for Owner Operators

No matter what business you own, your bookkeeping is very important. You need to keep track of your profits and expenses, in order to have a successful business. This is also true for owner operators, though it can be hard to keep track of everything when you are on the road.  However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some tips to start your […]

Tips to Start an Owner Operator Business

Many people dream of living on the road, hauling necessary goods across the country. Others want smaller jobs where they can be home every night, while still making a big difference. The best way to ensure that you are going where you want and when you are able to do so is by becoming an owner operator. This just means that you own your truck […]

Tips to Save Money As Fuel Costs Continue to Rise

Whether you are an owner operator with one rig and trailer or you own a fleet of trucks, you may be starting to worry about the rising costs of diesel fuel. The more money that you spend on fuel, means less profit for you. This makes it even more important to find ways to cut costs and save money as a truck driver or fleet owner. […]

Tips to Stay Safe When Driving Oversized and Heavy Loads

Driving an oversized load can be terrifying. It pushes your truck and trailer, harder than you may have before. You also have more weight on your trailer, making it harder to stop if someone slams on the breaks in front of you. Turning may be scary because you may have some of the load that is not completely on your trailer. It can be harder […]

Tips for Lowering Your Commercial Truck Insurance Costs in Texas

Some people doubt the possibility of lowering the cost of commercial truck insurance in Texas.  We are here to assure you that in Texas, you can reduce your commercial truck insurance costs. We will also show you some tips for lowering the premiums you pay for your commercial truck insurance policy.  Truckers insurance premiums are costly because trucks are also costly, more likely to be […]

Complying With Yard Move And Personal Conveyance Regulations

One of the key topics of conversation in the commercial trucking industry is centered around ELDs and their impact on driving events like ”yard move” and ”personal conveyance”. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has been trying to come up with a better definition of what constitutes a ”yard” when it comes to ”yard moves” under hours-of-service regulations. Hours of service (HOS) compliance is an essential […]

Health Risks for Commercial Truck Drivers (and What You Can Do About It)

Truck drivers, especially those who drive for days and weeks at a time, can face health problems due to their job. They spend hours a day sitting in a truck, dealing with the stressors on the road. They may not get enough sleep, especially if they are just sleeping on the side of the road. After time, all of this can really affect a person.  […]

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