Why Rig Insurance is Important


The conditions surrounding the oil and gas industry are constantly in flux, which calls for proper assessment of the operators involved, service contractors and drillers. Therefore, it is important to acquire an insurance policy that covers your business before, during, and after a tragedy. At J.E.B. Insurance Services, we are well aware of how frequent rig accidents occur, and that is why we offer our customers adequate protection for their business’s safety. When it comes to commercial truck insurance, we cover key states such North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia and Florida.

Why Rig Insurance

The rig insurance policy helps your organization evade loss in finances due to machinery damage among other calamities. This type of insurance goes hand-in-hand with Hull insurance which covers the third party, affected by damages and losses caused by the company’s vessels. Rig insurance, therefore, covers several risk factors such as;

• Damage to equipment or machinery
• Expenditure or disbursement losses
• Potential ship breakage losses
• Freight and Fittings

Our company goes the extra mile in guaranteeing client satisfaction and asset protection by availing extensive coverage on property and equipment that your business depends on to operate. The extended cover caters for; Tanks, work over rigs, pipelines and gathering systems. The oil and gas industry operates highly expensive equipment which requires an insurance policy that makes you feel safe and secure.

In the trucking business, acquiring rig insurance for your trucks is key towards safeguarding your business. This form of commercial truck insurance requires an in-depth analysis of factors such as;

1. Physical damage insurance

2. Auto liability

3. Cargo insurance

4. Pollution

5. General liability

At J.E.B. Insurance Services, we offer our clients with a well-tailored policy that ensures your assets are well protected from internal and external damage. We are conveniently located in key states to meet the needs of our clients effectively. For more information great insurance insights and services, contact us today via our official website.

David Ott

David Ott