Keep Rig Insurance Low by Watching for Hazardous Spring Road Conditions

With spring just around the corner, truck drivers can look forward to easier driving. Of course, “easier driving” is a relative term. Although blizzards and ice storms will soon become a bad memory, spring driving won’t necessarily be a picnic. Besides unsettled weather, expect to find hazardous road conditions, any of which can cause an accident. Stay safe and keep your rig insurance premiums low by watching for these road hazards:

Black Ice

During early spring, water puddles can freeze into ice should night temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike snow, black ice doesn’t necessarily require a storm — just some water on the road and freezing temperatures. Keep track of weather forecasts. If the temperature is freezing and you don’t see salt residue on the road, black ice is always a possibility, especially on shaded portions of the pavement.


When water inside road cracks freezes, it expands and breaks apart the pavement. The broken-up pavement then erodes and forms a pothole. Potholes can damage your tires and your rig’s suspension. This is more than a maintenance problem, however. A damaged tire can cause a blowout, and depending on the tire’s location and your situation, the blowout can cause loss of control.

When potholes are unavoidable, slowing down improves your control and reduces or eliminates tire and suspension damage. Remember that water puddles can hide potholes and that suspension problems adversely affect your rig’s handling.

Road Erosion

Spring flooding can erode away entire sections of a road. Don’t allow distractions or complacency to take your eyes off the road. Be ready to slow down and stop for severe erosion. Be careful of eroded shoulders, which may cause your rig to go off the road. Sometimes the erosion isn’t visible because it occurs to the supporting soil underneath the shoulder while leaving the pavement intact. Always keep this possibility in mind.

Flooded Roads

Don’t assume that your rig’s large size will get you across a flooded section. If the water is deep and sufficiently swift, it may push you off the road. In addition, the road surface beneath the water may be completely destroyed and filled with large rocks and debris.

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David Ott

David Ott