Troops to Truck Driving: How Veterans can Fast-Track their CDL

A number of Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) require service members to drive heavy trucks. Despite their training and experience, transitioning military have previously had to jump through hoops in order to obtain a civilian CDL. That may no longer be the case, thanks to a new program from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Here is some more information, including who can qualify.

Driving Test Waiver

Under the new program, anyone with two or more years of experience driving heavy vehicles may be eligible to skip the driving test. To qualify, you must have a recent honorable discharge or currently be serving on active duty. You can then apply for a military skills test waiver to confirm your eligibility.

According to the FMCSA, this program is available in every state. They also claim that more than 26,000 service members have benefited from the program to date.

Knowledge Test Waiver

Those with certain occupational classifications may even claim an exemption from the knowledge test. As a result, you could convert your military driver’s license into a CDL without taking any examinations whatsoever.

Under 21 Pilot Program

Most states impose certain intrastate restrictions on commercial drivers age 18-20. The FMCSA is currently undergoing a three-year pilot program, which allows military drivers under the age of 21 to operate Commercial Motor Vehicles in intrastate commerce.

The program is primarily aimed at members of the National Guard and Reserves, and is designed to help trucking companies fill their shortages. The study is expected to include approximately 200 control drivers as well as up to 70 commercial motor carriers.

The Importance of Insurance

One thing civilian and military drivers have in common is the need for trucking insurance. That’s where we come in, providing you with affordable options that will protect you while on the road. To choose the plan that is just right for you, please contact us. J.E.B. Insurance Services, LLC is licensed in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Nebraska, Tennessee & Illinois.

David Ott

David Ott