The Four Traits of the Professional Commercial or Owner Operator Truck Driver

Dictionaries define “professional” as referring to someone engaged in a paid occupation. However, this fails to capture the real meaning of the word when someone is referred to as being a true professional. The true professional truck driver separates himself from other commercial or owner operator truck drivers by his on-the-job behavior. This behavior also makes him very different from the mass of other drivers he shares the road with. Here are four traits that separate him from most others:

  • Responsible. The true professional fulfills his obligations as a truck driver without complaint, and does so consistently. He applies himself as best he can to his work. If something goes wrong because of his actions, he doesn’t blame others. He takes responsibility for his mistakes.
  • Seeks self improvement. The commercial truck driver is constantly improving his skills. These include the skillful use of his truck in difficult road situations. It includes an ability to plan his day and routes so as to reliably meet his schedules and deadlines. He becomes more proficient at inspecting his truck and at identifying maintenance issues before they affect his truck’s performance.
  • Dependable. The professional commercial or owner operator truck driver doesn’t pick and choose which days he will do his best. He always does what he says and what is expected of him.
  • Is not governed by his ego or emotions. It isn’t easy to make a living that requires you to share the road with distracted, angry, inconsiderate, and inept drivers. While other types of professionals are also exposed to this during their commutes to and from their work, the road IS the professional truck driver’s work environment. When motorists cut him off or otherwise subject him to their aggressive and bad driving, he remains calm and resolute at doing his job safely. When motorists cut in front of him and shorten his following distance, he calmly increases the distance. He doesn’t attempt to teach bad drivers lessons or get even with them.

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