South Carolina Commercial Truck Insurance News: SC Truckers Feel the Strain of COVID-19

Commercial drivers in South Carolina are beginning to feel the strain of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. While CDL drivers may be experiencing lighter traffic – and in some cases, lighter loads – closed restaurants and truck stops throughout SC have reduced the opportunities for OTR drivers to get out of the cab and have a hot meal.

South Carolina Commercial Truckers Focus on Health & Hygiene While OTR

Channel 4 News WYFF in Greenville, SC reported that most drivers hadn’t lost jobs or routes due to COVID-19, but they are trying to focus on sanitary practices while on the road. Most drivers are wiping down their cabs often with sanitizing cloths and using alcohol-based hand sanitizers regularly. 

  • WYFF noted that some drivers, like Adnan Mohamed, are living off of whatever snacks they can grab. 
  • They aren’t able to go to a restaurant to relax and recharge, nor can they bring the 18-wheelers through a drive-thru, but they still need to eat. 
  • Tight schedules and panicked demand for groceries, paper products and medical supplies create a sense of urgency among SC drivers who are feeling the pressure. 

Many CDL drivers are also concerned about contracting COVID-19, especially when loading / unloading. “You don’t know who has [Coronavirus] or not,” Mohamed said to Channel 4. “Some of us have to do this job, so we have to do what we have to do to deliver the goods people need.” 

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David Ott

David Ott