Prevent Liabilities from Affecting Your Business This Winter!

Since the winter usually brings about more trucking accidents than any time of the year – it’s a good time to re-think your rig insurance coverage. An excellent move would be to temporarily increase your coverage in order to prevent your business from suffering any liabilities resulting from accidents involving your rigs.

In Irving, Texas, a “truck was traveling northbound on Loop 12 [of Texas 183] at about noon [on December 5, 2014] when the hydraulic lift mechanism somehow extended while the truck was in motion. As the truck passed underneath… the overpass it struck the bridge, sending large pieces of concrete falling into the roadway below.” Not only was there damage to the bridge, but also to the truck – its garbage bin and rear axle was totally separated from the frame of the truck. To make matters worse, when the truck stopped, its frame “carved a large groove in the roadway.” The falling concrete also crushed the windshield of a nearby SUV.

Obviously, this much damage could potentially cost a lot to the trucking company. However, with the proper insurance, their liability could be significantly lessened or even zero! Although this particular truck’s accident was caused by electric malfunctioning – the underlying cause may have been due to the cold weather which acted on the electrical system. The cold weather can cause icy roads, and conditions which can cause even veteran rig operators to accidents.

J.E.B is here to help you this winter! We are a family-operated rig insurance company. We only provide rig insurance, so all of our efforts are concentrated on making sure your business suffers the least amount of liability this winter. We offer comprehensive plans that you can mix and match – creating your own custom plan. If you’d like to learn more about our commercial or owner operator truck insurance in Texas, contact us today!