Winter Makes Trucking More Dangerous!

Now that the winter season has arrived full force – it’s important to take precautionary measures for your rigs! According to a law firm, “big trucks are especially dangerous during winter conditions.” They report that on one day, over four trucks lost control due to hydroplaning which resulted from the sleet and snowfall – all within the same city.

Officially, it’s recognized that trucking-related accidents are likelier during the winter seasons. “According to the Journal of Transportation and Statistics, there are 20% more truck crashes during the winter than summer in the center United States. The number climbs to 60% in the northern third of the country.” This is partially due to the increased presence of “slipper road surfaces and reduced visibility….” Thus, avoiding trucking accidents during winter becomes more than a matter of stopping at stop signs, following the speed limit, and not running any red lights – it requires an increased reliance on the actual truck driver’s skill.

If you consider that most truck drivers are already frequently tired from long hauls, such that they deviate from following normal traffic rules – like slowing down for yellow lights – wintry conditions only increases their already present risks of accidents.

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