Nebraska Semi Truck & Insurance News: FMCSA Kicks off Public Comment Period for HOS Revisions

Nebraska Semi Truck & Insurance News: FMCSA Kicks off Public Comment Period for HOS Revisions

In mid-August, 2019 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) published some exciting proposed revisions to the recently updated Hours of Service (HOS) rules. You can read all about the proposed changes at our JEB Insurance blog article.

The FMCSA also announced a 45 day period for public comment, allowing semi truck drivers from Nebraska and all states to comment formally about the proposed changes to your work day schedule.

As it stands as of August 29, the public comment period is scheduled to end on October 7, 2019.

Semi Truck Drivers and Insurance Companies in Nebraska and All States & Others Can Make a Formal Comment to FMCSA about the new HOS Rules

Professional drivers, rig insurance companies, freight companies, fleet managers and any other individual who works with or relies on the trucking industry are welcome to make comments to FMCSA about the proposed new rules. DRIVERS, MAKE YOUR OPINION KNOWN!

  • Go Here:
  • Reference Docket# FMCSA-2018-0248 immediately in your comment

Two Organizations Have Filed For Extension of Public Comment Period

Per Overdrive Magazinefirst to file was the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), who filed a petition on August 22, requesting that the FMCSA adds 45 more days to the current deadline for public comment. This would make the total public comment period 90 days. Overdrive Magazine quotes CVSA to state “[Forty-five] days is not adequate time to prepare and approve comments on such a complicated and important issue,” in their petition.

The American Trucking Association(ATA) also asked for an extension of 30 more days, noting that it takes time to gather relevant data to present valid comments.

At JEB Insuranceour business is big rig insurance. Drivers, freight companies and fleet managers are our customers. We know how important your schedule is to your paycheck and your lifestyle, so we encourage you to speak your mind to the FMCSA! As always, if you need a quote for semi truck insurance in Nebraska contact us!

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David Ott

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