Iowa Owner Operators Insurance: Cozy-up Your Berth for Winter

Iowa Owner Operators Insurance: Cozy-up Your Berth for Winter

At JEB Insurance we are proud to offer the best owner operators insurance policies to Iowa truckers. We also like to provide you with good reads and sound advice. As winter approaches we think you’ll like a handy list of goodies and supplies you might find yourself LOVING this winter. These items will surely come in handy if you get stuck in a road-closure or need to pull over for whiteout conditions.

Get Cozy in the Cab

Iowa is known for having some brisk winter weather. Make sure you can stay warm in an emergency!

  • Handwarmers – They come in dozens of styles and just as many names like “hand warmers” and “pocket warmers”. This author has many great experiences with the disposable ones from Walmart or other department stores. When it’s -30 degrees outside these little gems can go in your gloves, boots, hard hat, socks and pockets. If you still have some in your rig from last year, they need to be replaced! For a bigger investment you can purchase rechargeable handwarmers, but then you need to keep them charged. This can be a challenge in “No-Idle” states like California.
  • Extra blankets 
  • Thermal underwear or long-johns

For Emergencies

  • Handheld radios – These are a MUST if your route is desolate. All it takes is one patch of black ice to send your rig off the road, and you’ll want to reach out to other drivers or first responders if your cell phone poops out in bad weather.
  • Bag of Rock Salt – Rock salt has a million uses in emergencies. You can use it to melt ice or add grippy friction under stuck tires, or use the bag itself to stabilize your emergency orange triangles during high wind conditions.

Stock Some Snacks & Water

Keep a few extra snacks and water bottles in the cab. Choose snacks that are high in energy and protein and will keep well, like trail mix and jerky. You should have at least one day worth of extra food and water, just in case.

As Iowa’s owner-operator insurance professionals, the staff at JEB Insurance knows the conditions our drivers are facing every winter out there on the road and we applaud you for it! Remember to stay safe and warm this winter, and feel free to contact us for a quote! We also insure trucks in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois & Nebraska.

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David Ott

David Ott